Our vision for all students, including for all students with SEND:

Every student deserves to accomplish extraordinary success.

Every student deserves to enjoy an extraordinary educational experience.

Every student deserves to flourish in an extraordinary school.

Together, Falmouth School will be truly extraordinary.

All our school improvement and strategic planning is central to our mission of providing the best possible education for all our students, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

At Falmouth School, we are committed to continually raising educational standards for every child under our care. We are an inclusive school where the importance is placed on learning alongside the peers, developing and sustaining positive relationships, and accessing learning in lessons where the structures are predictable, modeled and enabling the students to rehearse their skills, as well as continue building on them. Support is provided where required and as appropriate to enable the young person to be as successful as possible. 

Our inclusive approach is underpinned by national and international research. Quality first teaching enables all students to succeed and at Falmouth School we believe that every teacher is a teacher of students with SEND. Every adult at Falmouth School can support students with SEND. 

As part of our focus on the SEND provision for all our students, Falmouth School has invested into  the Provision Map tool which enables us to organise systematically all SEND related information, to evaluate and update the supporting mechanisms more easily and also to increase the effectiveness of the provision. Overall, the information related to students and their needs is streamlined and easily accessible for the adults working with the student/s. Importantly, it further enhances the communication about support between the school and parents/carers. 

What does it mean? Our lesson structure is carefully considered to enable all students to succeed.

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Who are the people who could help my child?

Tutor: is the most important person in your child’s school day. They see students every morning and they are able to support settling them in and reducing barriers to learning and provide that important stability to the school life.The tutor can advise or pass on the information if required. 

Learning Leader: Oversees a whole year group or two year groups and Learning Leader gets to know your child reasonably well over time and can disseminate information if needed. 


Wellbeing Team: Colleagues within this team support students in managing their school day or facilitate personalised  support to overcome potential or real barriers to learning/managing a school day due to challenges encountered in their school day or personal lives. They are deployed by the Assistant Headteacher overseeing Safeguarding, Attendance which underpins the processes linked to student wellbeing, personal development, and needs.

SENDCo: Mrs Carly Brooker - currently on maternity leave

SENDCo: Mrs Chanter, headteacher

Student SEN Support Manager: Mrs Nicky Riley

Wellbeing Team: 

Learning Leaders


Useful Documents:

Cognition and Learning Booklet

SEN Policy and Information Report 2022-2023

SEN Information Report and Local Offer 2020-2021

SEND Policy

Supporting parents - SENDIASS

Individual Health Care Plan

Educational Psychologist Guidance