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Falmouth Facts and Figures for 2016

Again our A*-C pass rates in English and Maths are more than 10% higher than the National Averages. 73% of Falmouth School students attained a C or higher in English and Maths compared to the National Average of 58.7%.

Achievement in the ‘best 8’ progress measure is significantly above national averages at 0.3, and one of the highest in Cornwall.

Our 'Attainment 8' score of 54.8 is also much higher than the National Average of 49.

Progress in the Core subjects of English, Maths and Science is also significantly above National Averages. 25% of the Year 11 students achieved the English Baccalaureate compared to the Cornwall average of 18%.

Our 5A*-C including English and Maths again puts us as one of the top Cornish Schools.


Falmouth College Facts and Figures

Over 70% of grades achieved by Falmouth Sixth Form students were at A*, A, B and C grades at A2 level and 50% of the grades awarded are A* A B.

Falmouth Sixth Form achieved 100% pass rate in vocational courses.

Outstanding achievers at A level included: Poppy Faithful A*AAA  (Royal Holloway - Politics and International Relations), Gareth Willetts A*AAAA (Exeter - Mathematical Sciences) Georgia Christophers A*AB (Cardiff - Physiotherapy), Charlotte Reburn A*AAA (Exeter - Medical Science), Charlotte Emsden AAA (Exeter - Medicine), Esther Martin AAB (Leeds - English Literature and Theatre Studies), Alex Pinhay ABB (Plymouth - Midwifery).

Did you know?                                                                                           

• 84% of students achieved A* - C in Science.

• 100% of students achieved A* - C in Triple Science.

• A* - C grades at Falmouth School have risen sharply even though nationally, grades were lower.

• 73% of students achieved 5A* - C including English and Maths – our highest percentage ever!

• 83% of students gained an A* - C grade in English – our best results ever.

• 80% of students gained an A* - C grade in Maths – our best results ever.

• All Falmouth School students made more than expected progress using government measures.

• 10 Students gained 10 or more A* or A GCSE grades.

• Falmouth College students go on to top universities including Exeter, Cardiff, Leeds.

• 78% of all Falmouth College grades were A* - C.

• Falmouth College students gained a combined number of 65 A*, A or distinction grades.

• Every student studying BTEC Medical Science at Falmouth College achieved a distinction – the equivalent of an A grade.

• Falmouth School results are (in the top 3 in Cornwall) significantly above the National average.

School Performance Tables