• WEEK 2



In 2018 Falmouth School students have once again achieved results which place the school highly in all categories and well above national averages, with a first, two seconds a third and a fourth place among the 31 state secondary schools in Cornwall.

Falmouth School was top in Cornwall for the Attainment 8 score (52.1). This measures the grades students gained in all of their best 8 subjects across the whole curriculum.

Looking at the crucial subjects of English and maths, Falmouth came second for both the percentage of students gaining a standard pass in both English and maths (72%) and the percentage gaining a strong pass in these subjects (54%). The Government has introduced a new measure this year, the ‘EBacc average point score’, where Falmouth School was third in the county, which reviews how students perform in the traditional GCSE subjects of the sciences, geography, history and foreign languages (4.37).

36% of our students chose to follow the full English Baccalaureate to include the options of a foreign language and a humanity subject in their options compared to 30.6% across the County. At Falmouth School 97% of students remained in education or training compared to 94% national and across Cornwall.

Finally, the Progress 8 score measures how well students have improved, where the school was placed fourth (0.34) in Cornwall, and significantly above the national average.

These results follow a huge amount of work from students, their parents, carers and teachers. We are really proud of their achievements.

Links to government performance tables: