School Meals

Falmouth School, in partnership with Chartwells, are dedicated to providing nourishing, appetising food for students. There is a wide range of nutritious meals available every day from the school canteen.

The menu is compliant with the school food standards and we encourage pupils to enjoy a healthy balanced diet. Chartwells can cater for many special dietary requirements. Please speak to the Catering Manager if you have any questions.

Cool drinking water is available from many of the fountains around the school for pupils to top up during the day.

The canteen works on a three week rotational menu. The menus are on display in the food hall.

Canteen Menus

Canteen Tariff

If you have any comments or queries the Kitchen Manager can be contacted by email,

ParentPay - Cashless catering

To support the catering provision, we use a biometric fingerprint recognition system. This involves a low resolution fingerprint scan. The data is then stored as an encrypted algorithm in number format: it is a picture of the fingerprint, the data cannot be read by another system, nor is it transferable to any other database.

Once an account has been created, the student can access the canteen facilities using their scanned print, as long as their account is in credit. Average spend per day is £2.50 to £4, a daily spend limit has been set at £6 on all accounts, if you would like this changed please contact the school. Purchases cannot be made if there are no funds on the account:

Credit can be added to their account in the following ways:

  • Payment via ParentPay our online payment facility
  • Cash credited via the re value machine
  • Paypoint cards can be issued and used to top up the account. Please contact the school finance department for more information on obtaining a card.

Current legislation requires written parental consent for the use of student's biometric data in school. 

Any students who choose not to utilise the fingerprint recognition facility will be able to top up their account in the same way as above. When purchasing food, these students will be given a PIN code and their identity will be confirmed at the till and checked against the school held photograph before purchases may be made.

Each parent will be issued a Parent Pay login name and password. Should you require a copy please send an email to

Biometrics Parental Consent Form

Parent Pay also enables parents to review the meal choices made by their child during the day.

We understand that as busy parents there may be occasions when you have not had the opportunity to top up your child’s dinner account. If this is the case your child will be able to get a “loan” facility for the day in order for them to get food. The loan will only be available at lunch time and for a sandwich or main meal of the day, no drinks will be allowed as water is freely available within the school.

If your child needs a loan they will need to go to student services to request a voucher for the day. Your child’s dinner money account will therefore be overdrawn and we ask that this is topped up before the next school day.

Please note a lend voucher will not be given to students entitled to FSM.

Free School Meals

For students entitled to free school meals, their account will be credited accordingly. Parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to apply for, or renew, their entitlement through the Local Authority before their son/daughter starts at Falmouth School.

Parents/Carers wishing to make application for free school meals should apply to

For any other queries please see our FAQs by clicking here.