The Falmouth Way

The four pillars of the Falmouth Way


Always Do Your Best

We expect the very best effort from everybody. This is not achieved by chance.  We have created the culture by having a vision of what is possible, a plan to set it in motion, and the practices to generate continual growth.

Each year we consistently build upon our successes, further develop and embed this culture of which is evident through our staff and students in what they do, their attitudes and the quality of relationships that exist. At Falmouth School we aim for every staff member and every student, to continually develop and contribute to our culture of maximum effort at every opportunity


A Great Teaching Model

One of the most significant influences on the quality of student learning at school is having an outstanding class teacher. To achieve this at Falmouth School we focus on getting teachers to use the science of learning to inform and transform their practice in a series of often small, incremental ways, and with very real effects.

The Falmouth model of great teaching for effective learning, is a framework with a strong foundation in the theory and practice of teaching, to support a consistent approach to teaching and learning. The model draws on significant research that has identified what is required of teachers and of learners in order for your son or daughter to gain the best learning outcomes possible. The model is made up of twelve significant components, such as effective marking, questioning, mastery and co-operative learning.

Great Teaching Model video


Being Ready to Learn                

One of the foundations for all learning is ensuring that students are ready and appropriately equipped to learn.  At the core of any child’s education is what happens in lessons between teachers and students. 

Our behaviour support structure allows teachers to deal quickly and efficiently with any low level disruption with minimum interruption of the learning process.  However, the learning environment does not stop at the classroom door. Our work also supports students to behave outside of lessons in a respectful and courteous manner as well as rewarding them for consistently demonstrating respect. 

Our work also involves building our students’ resilience. The importance of excellent attendance is a recurring theme throughout the school year, supported by a range of rewards for great attendance.

Being Ready to Learn video


Building Your Learning                                                             

Our curriculum should be challenging in its depth and breadth, providing the strong foundations  needed for success in every subject. We also encourage our young people to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond the classroom.

Our school year is made up of four nine week learning cycles that allow for deep learning and checking. During the first seven weeks of each cycle, our students will be taught new topics and given opportunities to practise and hone these new skills. This learning is then consolidated through an assessment week and review week, making up the nine weeks.

Our subject curriculum has been designed to support the incremental accrual of knowledge - to reinforce this beyond the classroom and to encourage independent learning - all of our students are provided with a knowledge organiser for every subject. The purpose of this is to set well-structured and challenging homework that strengthens their understanding of key information, concepts and subject specific terminology.

Building Your Learning video


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