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Work from home

We will be setting all normal classwork on Show My Homework  (SMHW) so keep checking every day for updates. Use your school email login as your username.   If you cannot get access to Show My Homework then please ring or email the school through   

If internet access is limited at home then please contact us through  we will find a solution for your situation.

You can still find your work without logging in: the SMHW school calendar will show you all the work set by all teachers – use the filters to find your teacher, subject and class.

If you do login the work will appear in your To-do list day by day and follow your teacher instructions.   Follow the lessons you would have had that day to make sure you keep on track with everything.   Make the best use of your time. A good balance between work, play, breaks and talking to your family.  Talk through what work you have with whoever is at home it is a good way of remembering what you have done.

Use the “What we are learning and why?” (Yellow sheets) to ensure you are staying on the correct content and to keep a checklist of what you have done.   Show this to your parents to reassure them that you are staying on track.

If you finish your work quickly then you can use your knowledge organiser which has the key information covered in this learning cycle.  Some helpful revision techniques are in the front of the knowledge organiser.

Please complete the following tasks for each subject using page three from your knowledge organiser to help you:

  • Complete 20 minute quizzing.
  • Produce flash cards, question on one side answer on the reverse – use this to test yourself.
  • Use the links at the bottom to select a topic identified in your knowledge organiser to guide your study.

You will be able to access the below for resources to help you learn from the > LOGIN tab of our website in the top left hand corner:

  • Email & OneDrive -Access your email and OneDrive
  • Office 365 Online Office programmes which will save documents into your OneDrive. You can also install Office programmes for free from this webpage if you do not have them installed already.
  • Moodle- The school's internal Moodle Server
  • ShowMyHomework - access your school homework.

Getting help

If you have trouble logging in to any of these services please contact us at

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