At Falmouth School, we support our students and equip them with the skills and attributes they need to become confident, determined, and respectful young adults who have exciting and ambitious aspirations for their futures, by:

  • Encouraging children to understand, value and demonstrate the positive behaviour traits which would make them well-rounded, grounded citizens with an appreciation of the importance of long-term commitments which frame the successful and fulfilled life.

  • Developing the skills required to function in and contribute to society through the acquisition of social confidence and the ability to make points or arguments clearly and constructively, listen attentively to the views of others, behave with courtesy and good manners, and speak persuasively to an audience.

  • Supporting the social and emotional development or emotional intelligence of young people, such that students better understand themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses, and can work on the latter.

  • Instilling and developing a moral compass, sometimes known as ‘virtues’, and including, for example, courage, honesty, generosity, integrity, humility and a sense of justice, alongside other; about how to interact with people and understand their behaviour.


Lead teacher:


Mr B Lumbers