Pastoral Care

At Falmouth School level we offer a range of care and support throughout the school. Your child’s tutor and teachers are always your first port of call should you have a problem, however, there may come a time when you require some extra care or support of a more specialist kind. Falmouth School has its own Wellbeing Team, whose sole purpose is to make sure that your child’s time here runs as smoothly as possible.

Our Student Support staff, who work from The Well Being Office and BaSE, will help your child out if they have forgotten their pencil case or lost their timetable. They can also offer different levels of pastoral support, from one-to-one mentoring, to signposting and referring to various professional services. The team are incredibly proactive in finding and resourcing external activities and youth projects that they can utilise for our students.

We are also very proud of the numerous extra-curricular clubs and groups that we are able to offer due to the unique way in which the Wellbeing Team operates. For example, we run a very successful Young Carers club through the Wellbeing Team, offering our young carers the chance to meet with other young carers and enjoy various activities.