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Peru adventure for students

Peru Trip

Nine students from Falmouth School spent much of their summer on the trip of a lifetime in Peru for four weeks, to help locals with a number of different community projects. The group of nine students had spent two years working exceptionally hard raising money for the trip including a simulated climb of Machu Pichu up and down Jacob’s Ladder – something that would come in handy later on the adventure.

The group arrived in Colca canyon, to stay in a small village where they worked on digging foundations for a new school kitchen and a community based cultral. The students worked alongside local tradesman, welcomed by excited members of the village, learning new skills in building and masonry, before being invited to a traditional dance. Students took in the breath-taking sights of condors soaring overhead whilst they worked in the Colca Canyon

After a week the group moved to Lake Titticaca, which is renowned for being the world’s highest navigable lake. Here the project work changed and the group were responsible for a number of different building projects, which included greenhouses, cattle sheds, painting of a school and most importantly - building ovens in the village homes to try and help to reduce lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses in the local area. Whilst on the lake the students had the chance to stay on one of the Island Tequile and camped on the beach where most of the group were able to enjoy some of the most amazing views of the Milkyway. 

From Titticaca the group headed onto their five day Salakantay trek to Machu Picchu. This trek was over 80km and took them through a mountain pass at 4800m above sea level. For some this was one of the hardest challenges to date down to the start of the rain forest, a far cry from the relative comfort of Jacob’s Ladder! The students walked through coffee plantations and were able see fruit plantations, how coffee is grown and processed and travelled along ancient Incan paths. Despite the difficulty of the trek students were rewarded with an early morning visit to the Incan ruins of Machu Pichu (a UNESCO world heritage site).  They were lucky enough to arrive just before sunrise and experience the full stunning beauty of the ruins at first light. 

The final camp was on the hill side above the sacred valley at a Moray. Here the project/community work changed again and this time, students were responsible for the construction of toilets for each house, the planting of new trees and the cultivation of saplings. Students enjoyed one of the more scenic camp sites and were located within dramatic Mountain vistas. The group achieved a huge amount in their four weeks and can be immensely proud of the work they completed.

Science teacher and trip leader Mr Tregear said “They have really made a difference to a number of different people and on reflection many have expressed an interest in visiting some of the areas in years to come to see all the projects in complete use. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.”

Students: Cormac Miller, Daniel Rowe, Grace Carroll, Jack Orders, Jonus Van-Den-Heuvel, Katie Pewsey, Kirsty Noble, Madeleine George, Will Luscombe

Posted on: 8/09/16

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