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Anna 'In the Spotlight'


Falmouth College student Anna Freeman planned, advertised and performed her own concert as part of her course, raising proceeds for charity in the process. The show, which Anna named ‘In the spotlight’ saw Anna, along with some of her peers perform a series of songs in a stripped back show in the Falmouth College Common Room.

Anna began planning the event in September as part of her Music Performance Btec Diploma, trying to create a show that people of her own age would want to see, which meant primarily contemporary pop. Anna organised everything, from organising the venue, setting up lights, contacting performers and advertising.

Other performers included students from years 11, 12 and 13 along with the help of the music department at Falmouth School. There was a laid back feel to proceedings as the 40 attendees that supported the show sat round tables, rather than in rows on Anna’s request to give things a more relaxed feel. Proceeds from the ticket sales of over £100, went to Anna’s chosen charity ‘Tanya’s Courage Trust’.

Anna was delighted with the support she received and how the show went. “The concert itself couldn’t have gone better, it was so nice to watch things unfold in the vision I had for the show. I’m really thankful to everyone who helped make it a success. It was great to perform with people I perhaps wouldn’t normally get the chance to and I’m glad everyone enjoyed it as much as I did,” she said. 

Posted on: 7/12/16

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