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Commendation Evening

Winners Commendation December 2017

Students at Falmouth School and Falmouth College celebrated a fantastic first term of the school year this week, with the December Commendation Evening 2017. Students from years 7-13 were recognised for either fantastic progress or attainment since September. There was also the significant contribution award, which recognises particular excellence across the school and college.

For the first time, awards were broken down into different categories. Awards were still given to Lower School (years 7 and 8), Upper School (years 9, 10 and 11) and post-16 Falmouth College students, but were defined more specifically by faculty. The categories on the evening included; STEM, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and maths, Communications, which includes English and languages, Performance – which looked at the arts and sport and Humanities.

In the Communications category it was Danica Woodward, Daniel Williams, Henry Byass, Aimee Wandless, Jay Richardson, Ellan Christophers and Jake Miners who picked up the evenings first awards. Students including Phoebe Hulme, James Chambers, Finn Miners, Morgan Bowden, Caitlin Noble and Phillip Dobson were the recipients of the next set of awards for STEM.

The Humanities awards went to Louie Mobley, Elisha Snell, Zeno Scott, Jessie Goldsmith, Thomas Bucknall and Callum Duncan. Justine Pellew-Harvey also picked up a Humanities award, before she also received the Significant Contribution award. Justine was named Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Cadet having spent the summer in Canada and will return as an instructor next summer.

The final whole school category of the evening was performance, with May Keeble, Lyla Reade, Izzy Macpherson, Reuben Talbot, Harvey Martin, William Daniell and Abiah Wyatt hose recognised. College students Louisa Barrett, Millie Revell, Fleur Jones, Grace Willetts and Sam Holland picked up the evenings final awards.

Deputy Headteacher Mr George said “The students who picked up awards have all had an outstanding autumn term and were rightly recognised for their superb progress, attainment and contributions to the school and college. We’re all really proud of them and congratulate them all.”

Posted on: 13/12/17

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