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Jam Jar 'Jazz for the Soul'


Falmouth College students Ryan Lillie, Abiah Wyatt and Jordan Lanyon planned, advertised and performed in their own jazz concert 'Jazz for the Soul' last Wednesday with all proceeds going to the 'Cornwall Hugs Grenfell' charity. The team began planning late last year to create the concert and performed alongside their fellow musicians ranging from years 11 through 13 to create a memorable evening.  

The night started off with Sennen Addinall’s rendition of 'Dancing in the Moonlight' followed by Brooke Mitchell who performed Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing’, who both added their unique styles. The familiar trio of Josh Talbot, Tadhg Cullen and Millie Revell took to the stage to perform ‘Dream a little dream of me’ much to the delight of the intimate crowd. Ryan Lillie and Abiah Wyatt took a break from hosting with a stunning performance of ‘Moon River’, which gave a nice contrast to the bill. 

The audience then heard from Ruth Putnam, who is a volunteer with Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. Ruth’s talk was both motivational and it was amazing to hear that with the support of fundraisers such as this, there is still hope for the victims who have lost so much.

Millie Revell returned to the stage, this time performing ‘All of me’ with piano accompaniment from Theo Fleming. Fellow host Jordan Lanyon performed a short version of ‘Mia and Sebastian’s theme’ from the recent film ‘La La Land’. Maddie Brown followed with her version of ‘Summertime’, which was particularly impressive being her debut concert. 

In the penultimate two acts, Abiah Wyatt returned with an amazing cover of ‘Smile’ by Nat King Cole along with ‘All I ask’ performed by Marcia Hammond, in two amazing performances as the show wound down. Finally, it was time for the headline act 'JAM JAR', a jazz band consisting of Ryan Lillie, Abiah Wyatt, Jordan Lanyon, Tadhg Cullen, Josh Talbot and teaching staff Matt Fox and Sara Munns. The band performed three songs, with amazing renditions of ‘Fly me to the moon’, ‘Feelin’ good’ and ‘Son of a preacher man’, to the end the night on a high.

The hosting trio then personally thanked everyone for coming as well as thanking staff for all their help and support. Head of music Matt Fox said “I’ve guided and supported them through the year but the whole process and deliverance of the event is down to these three working hard in their own time. It was a fantastic evening.” 

Posted on: 14/03/18

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