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Science Week


It was an exciting week at Falmouth School, with plenty of fun activities to celebrate Science Week 2018! The science department were busy planning events during break times last week, with something on offer for students every day.

The week started in a slimy fashion, as students gathered in the labs for eyeball dissections! Day two brought the biggest crowd of the week, with Mr Tregear’s bin explosion as over 100 students flocked to the playing courts. It was a spectacular visual too, with the chemical reaction blowing a bin lid several metres into the air. Make sure you check out our slow motion video on social media if you haven’t already.

The theme for day three was ‘smelly science’, with students identifying various scents from test tubes. On the penultimate day of the week, there was the unique opportunity for students to make their own holograms having seen what Mr Robins had prepared earlier.

The final event of the week saw students looking through the lens of a telescope. Head of Science Joe Robins said “It has been a fantastic week. The students have been great and have really bought into it, as well as learning lots of interesting new things.”

Posted on: 20/03/18

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