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Wateraid Challenge


As part of Falmouth School’s Festival of Sport Day, over 100 students from years 7, 9 and 10 took on a challenge to raise money for the One Foundation. One billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and two million people die as a result of water related illnesses. The One Foundation work to provide everyone in the world with access to clean, safe water forever by providing sustainable water projects to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

The challenge set was for students to walk 1.5 miles of the Falmouth Cricket Club perimeter, carrying empty canisters. Students would then collect water and walk the 1.5 miles back in the opposite direction with full canisters to replicate the journey many young children make to collect clean water every day before they start school. It was a very hot day and it proved to be a real challenge for many, however students persevered as they knew they were raising funds for a vital charity and that many children have to face far worse challenges every day. Students collected sponsorship money from friends and family and in total Falmouth School raised a fantastic £614 which will be presented to the One Foundation.

Head of PE Mrs Benney commented “Our sports festival is a day for students to challenge themselves and compete in a wide range of sports whilst having fun and working as a team to raise as much money for their team houses as possible. This year we decided it would be great to add a more difficult challenge for students where we could raise funds for a fantastic charity at the same time and the event was a huge success. Students were so proud of themselves for completing the challenge and raising so much money that would be put to such good use in helping others.”

Posted on: 6/07/18

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