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GCSE exams success!


Another year of exam success for Falmouth School students.

Building further on last year’s excellent outcomes, the students of Falmouth School have once more excelled and results are once again significantly above national averages and by an even larger percentage. Over a quarter of all grades achieved by students at the school were at the equivalent of a grade A or higher. One third of students gained at least three of these top grades!

English and Maths results were once again well above national averages. In other areas students also gained superb results; 88% of students gained grade 4 or higher in Science, whilst over 90% of students gained at least this grade in the subjects of Art, Dance, Music and Sport.

Whilst it is important to celebrate the outcomes achieved by all students of differing abilities, congratulations must go to the following students who have truly outstanding outcomes with a list of grade 8s, 9s A**s and Distinction*s to their names (listed alphabetically):


Morgan Bowden                               

Will Daniell                                        

Phillip Dobson                                  

Marcia Hammond                              

Finbar O'Conaill                                

Caitlin Noble  

Ben Pellow

Brodie Phillips

Saffi Richardson

Niamh Milller

Imogen Steele


Within this group special mention must be made to the outstanding Ben Pellow who achieved an amazing eight grade 9s along with a Distinction* in music and A** in further maths!

These Falmouth School results represent considerable effort by the students, supported all the way through by their teachers and families. The results reflect the commitment and hard work of the students and the quality and dedication of the staff and the results are thoroughly well deserved.

It is a pleasure to congratulate so many students on making such good progress through their GCSEs.  Our A Level (and equivalent) results in the College last week were also impressive and many of the students will be returning to join Falmouth College in September to continue with their studies. We look forward to building further on their achievements.



Posted on: 23/08/18

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