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British Science Week


For British Science Week 2020, Falmouth School students were amazed by practical demonstrations during assemblies and at break times. Organised by our Year 9 team of STEM ambassadors, the students took part in colourful chemical reactions, flame tests and dissections. 

During assemblies our science team, ably assisted by the STEM ambassadors, demonstrated the chilling effects of liquid nitrogen. Flowers were frozen and smashed like glass, balloons mysteriously shrunk and then re-inflated and frozen bubbles appeared from nowhere.

At break times the students witnessed the effect of liquid nitrogen heating up and expanding to around 700 times its volume with explosive effects! Our STEM ambassadors also paid a visit to our MAT primary schools to get Year 5 and Year 6 students involved with fun scientific demonstrations.

The theme of this year’s science week was ‘Our Diverse Planet’ and whilst the fun practicals aimed to grab the attention of our students our STEM ambassadors delivered an important message on biodiversity, its importance and the future of species.


Posted on: 13/03/20

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