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Many Miles in May Total

Miles in May Collage

Throughout the month of May students and staff from across Falmouth School took on the ‘Many Miles in May’ challenge, to work together as a team to see how far they could travel. Activities included walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing, skateboarding and even scooting, as staff and students rose to the challenge with some very impressive mileage being achieved each week.

All contributions counted towards the challenge with many family exercise sessions taking place at the start of May when we were only allowed out for an hour a day, right through to half term where people were enjoying walking and cycling some of the many beauty sports Cornwall has to offer, maintaining a safe distance at all times. Although there were many fantastic performances a few special mentions need to made to students and staff who really put the effort in and excelled throughout this challenge.

Year 7 - Isabel, Alistair and Rio

Year 8 – Maisy and Dexter

Year 9 - Scott and Amelia

Year 10 - Nia and Emmy

Year 11 - Summer

Year 12 - Lauren

Staff - 14 individual staff members completed over 100 miles in May, with four staff members achieving over 200 miles in May including; Mrs Daniell (287), Mrs Galloway (290), Mrs Hague (279), Mrs Strowger (207), Mrs Wright (238) and a huge total from Miss Atkinson (302).

Throughout each week of the challenge the Falmouth School teams total increased, with 1335 miles in week one, 2054 in week two and 3323 in week three. Mrs Benney then set a final challenge for everyone to try and increase their mileage by an extra five miles in the final week, with some impressive results. The grand total achieved by the Falmouth School team throughout the month on May was a staggering 8493 miles. This is the distance between travelling from Lands End to John O’ Groats in Scotland 10 times!

Head of PE Mrs Benney who set the challenge was delighted with how everyone got involved in the challenge. “The PE department really wanted to bring everyone together at such a difficult time and set a challenge that absolutely everyone could contribute to. The emphasis was on us all being one big team and every mile counting. We have had so many fantastic photos emailed in of staff and students enjoying the challenge, particularly in the lovely weather we have been having lately”, she said.

“The challenge motivated many students and staff to get out and be active which did wonders for their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Falmouth School is a truly fantastic school with amazingly talented students and dedicated and committed staff which was demonstrated through this challenge perfectly. I am so proud of everyone who contributed to the challenge and the total mileage and distance we achieved together was absolutely fantastic. Keep your eyes open for our next school challenge which will be a virtual sports day, more information will be coming out to you later this week to explain more’”, she added.


Posted on: 2/06/20

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