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Spring Reading Competition


Throughout April, Falmouth School ran a Spring Reading Competition, where students were encouraged to read as often as possible and record how much time they spent doing this.

The Easter holidays provided a great opportunity for our students to relax and enjoy a book in the sunshine, with reading hopefully becoming a normal part of their daily routine. There are many significant benefits of reading, including: stress relief; vocabulary expansion; improved writing skills and increased empathy. Not to mention the thrill of exploring new worlds, characters and ideas! We really hope that all students who took part got to enjoy these benefits and will continue on their reading journeys.

The results for this competition were outstanding, with entries from all year groups. We’re delighted to announce the following winners:



Amount of Minutes

Top Tutor Group




Top student

Nikola Baczkura – 10T1



Top 10

  1. Nikola Baczkura – 10T1
  2. Emilie Thomas – 11M1
  3. Amy Thomas - 10S1
  4. Megan Nicholls – 11B1
  5. Oliver Fleming – 7T1
  6. Mischa Bayton – 8B1
  7. Eliza Alexander – 7T2
  8. Amelie Medlin – 7M2
  9. Chris Brandwood – 7T2
  10. Piran Amos – 8B1


  1. 7560
  2. 5333
  3. 3368
  4. 3180
  5. 1030
  6. 900
  7. 840
  8. 820
  9. 770
  10. 720

Random 5 winners

  1. Emily Andrewartha – 8S1
  2. Bea Plummer – 7M1
  3. Evie Swann – 8S1
  4. Cameron Weston – 9T2
  5. Demelza Kelly – 11B1
  1. 600
  2. 440
  3. 692
  4. 60
  5. 180

Well done to all of these students; we were so impressed with your efforts!

We hope that all of our students keep reading and enjoying all of the super stories that are available to them. They are welcome to check out the school library in their English lessons, as well as logging on to Myon, an eBook library with thousands of great titles. Alternatively, please email Mrs Mears ( if you would like a reading list.

Happy reading, everyone!

Posted on: 20/05/21

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