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Jacob's Ladder Fundraiser Challenge

Five Falmouth students embarked on a challenge to scale Jacob’s Ladder enough times to replicate climbing to the top of Macchu Pichu, in a bid to raise money for a trip to Peru. The students had a target as a team to climb the steps to the equivalent height of Macchu Pichu – a staggering 2400m, which would be 100 times as a team.


Amazingly, they completed this target in the first 2 hours and then continued to climb the steps for the remaining 3 hours. They eventually reached a total height of 5760m, which is more than double the initial target. This meant that each student had completed the climb around 50 times each. Students more than earned their individual sponsorship money and donations collected on the day, with a fantastic display of energy, effort and determination. 


The students were raising money to support their community trip to Peru this summer where they will be spending four weeks working on a number of different community projects. These includes building new school classrooms, housing and kitchens, teaching English, working on irrigation projects to supply clean water along with many other projects. The pupils have spent more than two years fundraising for this experiment and will be travelling to South America in July and August this year. 


Geography teacher Ben Tregear was full of praise for the students. “This wasn’t an easy task at all, it’s really energy sapping. The students were fantastic though and have been the whole way through fundraising. It will all have been worth it once they get to Peru.”


Well done Maddie, Jonas, Cormac, Kirsty, Jack

Posted on: 12/04/16

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