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  • Changing the face of Reception at Falmouth School

    17th April 2015
    Those of you who have been into school the last few weeks would have noticed changes to our reception area. In order to make the reception area feel more welcoming and more part of the school, we have removed the internal glass wall that separated the area from the main corridor. We have also removed the window in the wall that you needed to talk through, and taken part of this wall away.

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  • End of term update

    10th April 2015
    I am delighted to inform you that the recently published information about the school in the national performance league tables, shows how exceptionally well our students are currently performing. On almost every measure the students have performed better than the national average and, on several measures, significantly better than the national average. Throughout the school, we see students with excellent attitudes towards their studies flourishing under the support and guidance of our staff.

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  • Spring Term 2015 Update

    7th January 2015
    Welcome back to the start of 2015. Please click here to download a document that sets out our additional support for students after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 3:15pm – 4:15pm for the Spring Term 2015. These sessions are available for any student to attend to get additional support such as help with Homework, extra help on a topic they are working on or just a quiet place to work after school.

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  • End of Autumn Term Update

    16th December 2014
    We have listened carefully to the comments received about Homework during the Autumn Term and have made some adjustments to the policy, which will come into effect at the start of the 2015 Spring Term. All Homework must be set by teachers and can be seen on our online system called ‘Show My Homework’.

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  • Welcome back to the 2014-15 school year

    22nd September 2014
    Welcome back to the 2014-15 school year. We have now been back for a couple of weeks and I am pleased to report that the term has started very well.

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  • Half Term Update

    4th June 2014
    Welcome back to the final half term of the year. For Year 11, 12 and 13 students we are now well into the main exam season. Following on from the very successful Easter Revision School, we had a number of students in over half term working with their teachers on the final preparation for the exams.

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  • Summer Term Update

    23rd April 2014
    Welcome back to the start of the Summer Term. Hopefully, by now you have got used to using the 'Show My Homework' software on the school website. We purchased this to help students, parents and staff to keep track of homework whilst, at the same time, improving how we present and support the work that is set. We have also updated our Homework Policy across the school and you should have received a letter from the school outlining the key changes in the policy.

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  • National Strike Action 26th of March

    19th March 2014
    Falmouth School has been told by the NUT that their members who are teachers at the school have been asked to support the national strike action on Wednesday 26th March.

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  • Spring Term Update

    16th January 2014
    Welcome back to the new school term following the Christmas break. Many thanks to students and parents/carers for your support of the events in school leading up to the break.

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  • Sports Development Planning Update

    23rd December 2013
    The school was delighted to get approval this week from Cornwall Council to move to the next stage of development with the plans to create an outstanding sports hub for the town. The Council Cabinet meeting approved all aspects of the development which includes the release of land at Union Corner and the purchase of the old Budock Hospital site. Subject to the required permissions, the Union Corner site will be developed for residential use and the Budock site for improved sports pitches.

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