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  • UDATE - 22 July 2020

    22nd July 2020
    We are coming to the end of what has been a year of challenges for everyone. We have made some huge changes here at Falmouth School, which were just starting to settle when the Covid-19 virus appeared. At a recent staff meeting, online of course, we reflected on how we have begun to build better relationships across the whole school community and the local area, invested in staff, particularly in our ‘Welfare Team’ and for students with individual needs and also shifted the focus of school ‘s character.

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  • UPDATE - 10 Jul 2020

    10th July 2020
    This week we have continued to work up our plans for reopening in September. We will send out detailed information before the end of term but our guiding principle as always will be to keep our school community safe.

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  • Update - 3 July 2020

    3rd July 2020
    We have just received some information from the Government about opening school in September. We expect more information to be released soon and we need to work out how we can apply the advice to Falmouth School but I am sure you would like to know some of the main headlines.

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