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  • Update - 26 June 2020

    26th June 2020
    Thank you for your feedback in the past week. We have continued to expand the broadcasts to all year groups. For Year 10 in school from next week we have put in place some face to face support for history and geography, as well as other subjects where we have the staffing available.

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  • Update - 19 June 2020

    19th June 2020
    It has been great to see Year 10 students in school again this week! Students have been getting used to the 2m markers outside for queuing, the hand washing and sanitizing routine and the desks spread around classrooms.

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  • Black Lives Matter

    12th June 2020
    We were all appalled at the events leading up to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. There has been international condemnation of the brutality involved. Many young people have expressed their outrage including some of our students and others who have recently left us.

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  • Update - June 2020

    8th June 2020
    We are in unprecedented time of challenge and change as we deal with the Covid-19 crisis. Even then it is remarkable to witness how our community has rallied together.

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