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  • Update - 30 April 2021

    30th April 2021
    This week all students have begun work in tutor times on the theme of peer on peer abuse, as I mentioned in last week’s newsletter. We will be addressing this issue several times over the next few weeks. Today many students will have watched a video and discussed this in their registration time. Some of the focus will take place in Character Education lessons as well as in tutor times for this half term.

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  • Update - 23 April 2021

    23rd April 2021
    During the dry and settled weather this week, following the Easter holiday, students have clearly enjoyed being back in school and spending break times outside meeting with their friends.

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  • Update - 1 April 2021

    1st April 2021
    It has only been 4 weeks since children have been back in school, but it has certainly been a busy time! Mass testing of students has come and gone (thank goodness!), face masks are being worn and we are enjoying being back. We have been blessed with good weather recently and it has been great to see students enjoy being outside together and each other’s company.

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