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  • Update - 21 July 2021

    21st July 2021
    As the last newsletter of the year I would like to say goodbye and good luck to the students and staff who are leaving us. We have students taking their exciting next steps into higher and further education and the world of work, and there are staff moving on to new challenges. We wish them all well in their new adventures and hope to see them again.

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  • Update - 16 July 2021

    16th July 2021
    I know that many people are looking forward to the changes to rules around covid Monday 19 July. At school we will maintain our current measures for covid until the end of this term. This is because the local numbers of cases of covid are still high.

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  • Update - 9 July 2021

    9th July 2021
    I am happy to say that the numbers of staff and students with Covid and self-isolating has fallen this week. I hope this continues and that we can look forward to the rest of the term without many more cases. However, the situation is very unpredictable and we all need to take care to stay safe.

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  • Update - 2 July 2021

    2nd July 2021
    It was fantastic to be able to run Sports Day this week. The weather was fine and it was great to see students and staff involved in the vast array of sports and active pastimes on offer.

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  • Update - 18 June 2021

    18th June 2021
    I am sure you will have heard of the increasing number of Covid cases in the local area. We have only one student case at present, our first case since February.

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  • Update - 11 June 2021

    11th June 2021
    This week our assemblies for each year have been led by a group of students. They have all done a fantastic job of this, I am sure you can imagine how daunting it must be to stand up in front of nearly 200 people and speak on a topic!

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  • Update - 28 May 2021

    28th May 2021
    The arrival of the world leaders for the G7 summit in St Ives has been in the news for some time now. This will put Cornwall on the world stage and will have an impact on Falmouth because the media centre will be based in Events Square.

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  • Update - 21 May 2021

    21st May 2021
    I have spent this week talking to year groups in assembly. It is amazing to think that even though the year group are in the same bubble, we have not had year group assemblies for over a year!

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  • Update - 14 May 2021

    14th May 2021
    Dear Parents and Carers The eased restrictions from 17 May on the Government’s Covid roadmap will mean there will be some changes in school. There has been a lot of coverage of the changes to the rules about face masks. At Falmouth School from Monday 17 May face masks will be optional for students and staff in the building.

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  • Update 7 May 2021

    7th May 2021
    We are now halfway through this half term and one of our key priorities has been ensuring our exam classes have completed assessments that show the progress they have made. I would like to praise all of those students for the mature and positive way in which they have approached this period in school.

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