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  • Update - 29 January 2021

    29th January 2021
    We were all pleased to hear from the government this week that there is the prospect of returning to school, even if that is some way off and depends on statistics of vaccination, as well as the infection rates.

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  • Update - 22 January 2021

    22nd January 2021
    Thank you for the many supportive emails that we have had recognising the work that our staff are completing, under difficult circumstances at this time. There have also been questions about how and why we have arranged our lockdown systems as we have.

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  • Update - 15 January 2021

    15th January 2021
    ast week we heard the news that exams had been cancelled, but the latest from the government suggests there may be some shorter assessments after all! All students in exams classes need to keep on working as this will help them with any future studies and in any assessment or interview that they may have.

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  • Update - 8 January 2021

    8th January 2021
    Despite there being few students in school it has been an intensely busy week. Each government announcement has had a huge impact on different areas of our community here in school and for our families.

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  • National Lockdown - 5 January 2021

    5th January 2021
    The latest lockdown may not have been a complete surprise but as a school we were not expecting a closure as happened in March last year. All of the information that we had received until last night suggested that schools would remain open and we had no notice of last night’s announcement.

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  • Update - 31 December 2020

    31st December 2020
    Unfortunately the recent news about the Covid-19 virus infections has had an impact on the start of next term. I wanted to email to let you know how this will affect Falmouth School. I am sure you appreciate that this is what we know at present and there may be further changes if the situation with the Covid-19 virus develops.

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  • Update - 18 December 2020

    18th December 2020
    The year 2020 will be remembered for a long time in the way that we have all had to change the way that we live! It was great to see children return to school in September after the lockdown. Children quickly settled in to school and we moved to a more normal delivery of lessons. Thankfully we have not seen the disruption that schools in other areas of the country have seen so far and we have been pleased that lessons have continued, with some adjustments for the whole term.

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  • Update - 11 December 2020

    11th December 2020
    I was really happy to return to school this week, it is great to talk to students and staff. Spending time with others is something that I know many people are missing whilst they self-isolate, whether that be because of a medical condition of their own or of one of their extended family, or just because they are cautious of catching the Covid-19 virus.

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  • Update - 4 December 2020

    4th December 2020
    The confirmed positive case on Monday of a student was a stark reminder that COVID that is in our community and we must remain vigilant despite Cornwall being one of the few places in Tier 1. Here’s a handy poster to let you know the rules that will be in place for us over the coming weeks.

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  • Update - 27 November 2020

    27th November 2020
    With news of how Christmas is going to be managed, more good news about vaccines being rolled out and Cornwall being one of the few places in Tier 1, I feel that we have good reasons to be positive going into December.

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