Letters from the Headteacher

End of Autumn Term Update

December 16th 2014

We have listened carefully to the comments received about Homework during the Autumn Term and have made some adjustments to the policy, which will come into effect at the start of the 2015 Spring Term.  All Homework must be set by teachers and can be seen on our online system called ‘Show My Homework’.  This system has worked really well this term and is certainly helping families by giving them more details about Homework content and setting.  From January, all Homework that is set will have a minimum of 5 working days for the students to complete the tasks in.  Coupled with this, the teaching staff at the school will be available to provide help if required to students with their homework  after school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I will be publishing the rooms available for this extra support in early January, so please look out for these details on the website.  At the same time the extra exam support for Y11 students will also be in full swing both at the start and end of the school day.  Information about this has already been published and has gone out to families through either the Year 11 Support meeting for Parents/Carers or the Year 11 Parents’ Evening.  If your don’t have a copy of this information please contact the school.
The dates have now been published for the remainder of the school year for the meetings where you can come into school, without an appointment, to meet with both the Chair of Governors and myself about any issue/questions/thoughts you may have about the school and how we operate.  These meetings were new this term and many thanks to those of you who have come into school to discuss various matters with us.  We have updated the website to now include a section where you can find information about the Governing Body including an introduction from the Chair of Governors.  You will also find the dates of the meetings in this section.
Please also regularly check the school website during the winter months if there is the threat of very cold weather.  If the school is to shut due to poor weather conditions, this information will be posted early in the morning on the website in an information bar at the top of the screen.
A reminder that we finish this term on Friday, 19th December at 12.35 pm and return back to school on Monday, 5th January.
Wishing all of our students and families the very best for the Christmas break and New Year.   

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