Letters from the Headteacher

End of Summer Term 2018

July 20th 2018

As we draw towards the end of another very busy term and academic year, there have been many fabulous events that our students have excelled in.  The Music Concert and Dance Partners performances both showed the many talents of our students and it was great to see their younger counterparts from the Primary schools taking an active part in these events.  The Commendation evening, Sports Awards evening and The Ogden Trust Essay Competition gave us the opportunity to celebrate those who have reached an outstanding level of achievement in both academic and sporting performances, whilst the Year 11 Completion Assembly and Prom were a great way to enjoy a relaxed evening once all the preparation for exams was finished.

Last week I was delighted to receive the news that we have been successful in our lobbying for further improvement works to the school buildings.  A sum of around £1.2 million has been allocated for a range of improvements which includes some re-roofing, new window walling, a new sports hall floor and resurfacing of our tennis courts.  These will be very welcome in further modernising our site, which has been enhanced this year by the building of the multi-million pound Sports Hub – due to open this September.

There has been some comment in the community and press regarding recent changes to the operations of some of our policies.  As a school we are preparing students for future life and employment and so it is important that students are punctual and arrive on time.  It is great to see that 99% of students achieve this every day, in the correct uniform, being ready to learn.

Uniform removes the opportunity for comparisons to be made between students by fostering fairness and equality.  Falmouth School has a smart and formal uniform which helps to prevent this.  Although the changes to trousers were introduced last year, with very few issues, we have responded to recent parents’ concerns.  We are currently investigating other sources of trousers to provide solutions to these issues and as these concerns were only raised very recently, we need time to find out more information.  For this reason we will make the new trousers with a logo optional until January 2019 for those students in Year 9 and 10 in September 2018.  The logo uniform is to remain in place for all Lower School students – those in Year 7 and 8 in September 2018.  In the interim school trousers will need to be smart, formal, full length and meet the requirements as listed on the school website.

We believe that no student should be distracted from their learning by the misbehaviour of another and so we will continue to implement our system of rewards and sanctions.  In the school year only a very small minority of students have received detentions for not taking responsibility for their learning, whilst 187,000 Achievement Points have been given to recognise and reward the excellent behaviour each day of the vast majority of our students. 

I was also delighted to see that last week we had a record number of students who succeeded in making a good first impression, recorded by our ‘first impression’ procedure, which also recognises the outstanding behaviour of our students every week, with a fantastic 99% of students entered into the weekly prize draw.

We have just completed our most recent student questionnaire where every student has the opportunity to give anonymous feedback.  It is great to hear that, similar to last year, students continue to feel very positive about school and are happy that they are learning well. 

Many are now looking forward to our end of term assembly where this year’s winning house will be revealed.  Achievement points and Sports Festival standings in each area for each year group are totalled to give the overall winners, amid much excitement.  This is a fabulous way to finish the term!

May I wish you all a lovely summer and hope the amazing weather continues!


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