Letters from the Headteacher

Welcome to the new school year

September 14th 2018

I hope that you had a fabulous summer with some of the best weather for a very long time. School is busy as ever with students excited to return and see some friends they haven’t seen for a while.

This week I am pleased to let you know that we have seen a significant improvement in the uniform of our students. The overwhelming majority of students are wearing our uniform correctly and they look very smart. We are very grateful for the support of parents in making these improvements.

Recently we have been concerned that some fashion trends have pressurised students to seek out trousers and shoes that set them apart and are not suitable as schoolwear. At the same time national research has supported that a link exists between child well-being and pressure about their appearance. Despite reminders about trousers a noticeable minority of older students have continued to try to wear trousers that are very tight or too short. This has been a cause for concern for staff and parents alike. As a result we have been talking to some families about this. Our concerns about trousers were what originally led to our search for uniform trousers from our suppliers MC Sports and A Game. We have temporarily postponed the implementation of the logoed trousers until January 2019 whilst we complete some final ‘value for money’ checks. I expect to be able to update you on this soon but please bear this in mind if you plan to purchase school trousers in the near future.

Our uniform asks students to wear plain black shoes with no logos, but some are now wearing expensive branded black trainers. Prominent and obvious branding on shoes encourages comparisons between students, and so are not permitted. Our current information for this academic year is on our website.

We understand that uniform can be a financial burden and school may be able to support you. This is also why every time we have made a change in uniform over the past six years Year 11 students have been exempt as they have only two full terms before the examination period starts.

From September 2019 I see no reason why there will need to be any significant change to the uniform for some time ahead. If you would like to talk to a member of the leadership team about how this has affected your family, please contact the school and we will be in touch.

I will update this blog regularly and next time will address some of the new initiatives that are happening in our classrooms.

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