Letters from the Headteacher

Update - November 2018

November 2nd 2018

Immediately before the half term holiday the Government issued information which forms the school performance tables. I am delighted to inform you that Falmouth School students have once again achieved results which place the school highly in all categories and well above national averages, with a first, two seconds a third and a fourth place among the 31 state secondary schools in Cornwall.

Falmouth School was top in Cornwall for the Attainment 8 score. This measures the grades students gained in all of their best 8 subjects across the whole curriculum. Looking at the crucial subjects of English and maths, Falmouth came second for both the percentage of students gaining a standard pass in both English and maths and the percentage gaining a strong pass in these subjects. The Government has introduced a new measure this year, the ‘EBacc average point score’, where Falmouth School was third in the county, which reviews how students perform in the traditional GCSE subjects of the sciences, geography, history and foreign languages. Finally, the Progress 8 score measures how well students have improved, where the school was placed fourth.

These results follow a huge amount of work from students, their parents, carers and teachers. We are really proud of their achievements.

Many thanks for your support with students’ uniform last half term. We place a great deal of importance on maintaining high standards in all areas including uniform, behaviour and teaching and learning. This is one of the reasons why our students achieve such great outcomes.

Our students look really smart when wearing their uniform correctly. I trust you received the message before the holiday that all students in Years 7 to 10 will be expected to wear the trousers or skirts with a school logo from the beginning of January 2019, following the review which concluded that the trousers sourced for us by our uniform suppliers are of good quality and represent value for money. The school website has been updated to clarify this.

You will be aware that we do not allow shoes with prominent branding. It has become apparent that a small number of students, predominantly older girls, have begun to wear white branded socks. Our uniform policy has always stated plain socks and this excludes socks with logos and branding. Please do not allow your child to wear branded socks, or wear trousers that are too short to draw attention to this.

There is a great deal of excitement as we head towards next week and the school performance of ‘High School Musical’. From what I have seen of the rehearsals it looks like this will be another fabulous showcase of the talented students that we are so fortunate to have here at Falmouth School. A large number of our students have been working tremendously hard in preparation for these performances, with your support and that of dedicated staff. The shows are always superbly attended and so I urge you to buy your tickets soon to avoid disappointment.

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