Letters from the Headteacher

New Update - November 2018

November 20th 2018

I hope you managed to see the fantastic production of High School Musical that our students starred in at the beginning of this half term. The performance played to packed audiences on every night and the talent on show was amazing. We are all so proud of the students involved and it was great to see pupils from the primary schools involved as well. I would also like to thank our staff who worked so hard to make this possible too. These things do no happen by themselves!

In the past week students have been working hard on assessments as we have reached the end of our first new ‘Learning Cycle’. We have broken up the year into four periods of roughly the same length. These are the Learning Cycles. At the end of each one there is an assessment week and then a ‘Mastery Week’. This allows students to make sure they understand topics in which they may need extra help following their assessments. Our reports will be issued very soon after the end of each Learning Cycle, so there will now be four reports each year, equally spaced out. Within the report there is a new ‘Readiness to Learn’ section. This week we have been running events for parents to explain more about reports at school to explain this. All of this is to help students focus on the areas where they can improve to make sure they do as well as they possibly can and to inform parents about these too.

If you drive into the school you will notice the red and white barriers that are now at the front of the school. We are investigating how we can make this area as safe as possible for students. Parking is very limited on site and the number of cars causes congestion. If you drive in to school please only park on the left, then students will not need to walk across the flow of traffic to get to your car. This is a much safer option for our students.

Finally, it has been fabulous to see the Sports Hub in action over the past few weeks. All of our students are able to use the amazing facilities. All of the classes in Years 7 to 11 are scheduled to use the 3G in their lessons and the Evolve gym has a room that students use in PE lessons during the day. Many community sports groups have been making use of the Hub, in the evenings and at the weekends. It is wonderful for us to have an asset such as the Sports Hub as part of Falmouth School!

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