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Leadership Team Blog - April 2019

April 26th 2019

Dear All,

We are delighted that our students and staff have been so successful under the school vision and plan we set ourselves in 2016. The outcomes achieved have been excellent over this period on a range of different measures. Despite achieving these high standards already, we strive every day to make this even better by having the highest possible aspiration for our school in all that we do.

At regular times throughout each year we take stock and undertake a review of our work to ensure we are providing the best possible opportunities for our learning community.

2022 School Vision Aims and Aspiration

Over the Spring Term an extensive review has taken place which has included setting the vision of the school for the next three years through a number of aims. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to share the main aims within the vision planning with you, which are:

  • To have the very highest possible aspiration for our school community;
  • To have our accommodation updated with the best resources available to us within a safe, accessible, welcoming and open atmosphere;
  • To have the very best communication strategy with our learning community;
  • To have the very best structure within the Leadership Team with a very clear delineation of responsibility and accountability;
  • To have open and accessible staff teams in our work to support our students, families and staff;
  • To have focused professional bases and resources to support the continuing professional development of our staff;

Communication and Teams

The achievement of recently being awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award, for the excellence and commitment of our work in communicating with families has provided an externally validated assessment of our commitment to the very best communication. Our plan over the next three years is make this communication even better through the systems we use to share our work with you.  We will also remain committed to ensuring the working teams inside the school, and those we work with as partners, are as open, accessible and supportive to our students, staff and families as we can make it.

All of our current work and our future plans have so much more of a positive impact on our children than ever before. Our partnership with all of our families is crucial in being able to achieve this and we are so fortunate to receive such great support from so many of you, which we aim to build and strengthen further.

Our Site

We continue to take enormous pride in our building to ensure it is a safe, clean, warm and welcoming environment. It is fantastic to see the new multi million pound Sports Hub being used so well by so many members of our community. More community usage than ever before is currently taking place at the school and we want to ensure this continues to grow. Further improvements to the Sports Hall and associated rooms with new flooring is taking place in the next few months.

To further support our students, from this summer onwards, we are going to provide an alternative base for exams.  The Sports Hall will be replaced as the main room for exams with refurbished rooms being used that are warmer with better a natural light and ambience to support our students when undertaking national exams.

We are also developing new staffing resource bases to ensure our staff have a dedicated area for their professional development and support that is separate from their more communal areas.

The plan over the next three years also includes the installation of more environmentally friending LED lighting across the school and improvements to the external access points to the school site to ensure site safety is maintained.

Leadership Team

In order to achieve what we have done will always require an open, clear and transparent structure to the leadership team. As part of this plan moving forward, there has been a restructure of some of the roles within the team to ensure clear lines of accountability and the best use of the comprehensive and experienced skills and expertise of team members.

Mr George will head up the team that looks after the site, operations and communication systems of the school. Mr Hickman will head up the team that focuses on the development of Teaching and Learning. Mrs Iles will be the senior leader responsible for the teams that look after the welfare of staff and students and Mr Preece will be the senior leader heading up the team that focuses on the development of the Curriculum, reports, ready to learn and exams. All four colleagues will work as Deputy Heads in a team working with each other. The roles of other senior team colleagues, including my own, will remain as they currently are.

We have a recently formed the Parent Teacher Association who hosted a wonderful event prior to Christmas raising funds for a group of our students. We would like to encourage parents to get involved by contacting the PTA on parents@falmouthschool.net who are busy planning their next event in the summer. Currently we hold termly meetings with a core group of PTA representatives to discuss key areas; should you wish to speak to a member of the PTA please use the email address above.

Both the Chair of Governors and I continue to be available on the first Monday of each month for parents or community members to meet with us. Should you wish to arrange an appointment to do this please contact the Governors Clerk (Lisa Grigg) via the School Reception (01326 372386) or by email – lgrigg@falmouthschool.net .

Yours sincerely

Mr B Miners

CEO Falmouth MAT

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