Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 19 June 2020

June 19th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been great to see Year 10 students in school again this week!  Students have been getting used to the 2m markers outside for queuing, the hand washing and sanitizing routine and the desks spread around classrooms. The experience is far from ‘normal’ but it is good to see over 70% of each group in school with teachers helping them to learn new ideas. We understand that some students cannot attend for other reasons and whilst Year 12 are also in school the majority of our students are still working at home.

Therefore over the past few weeks we have been investigating and trialling ‘broadcasts’ using different online platforms. We have to be prepared for every eventuality and at the moment we do not know if we will be back to normal school in September, so we keen that learning from home is as effective as possible. This week there have been broadcasts in maths, science, engineering, dance, French and Spanish as well as a Year 11 Junior Leadership Team meeting. These broadcasts have been hugely successful and we will be providing more of them over the rest of this term. They are all recorded and students’ own video feed is disabled, but they can ask questions in the ‘chat’ if they need to have something explained. You will receive full information before your child is asked to participate.

In the summer term we always spend a lot of time working with our primary partners and talking to Year 6 parents to make the transition between primary and secondary school as smooth as possible. For several years we have invited Year 6 students to school for a week in July. As this involves meeting lots of new students, following the current government guidelines, we feel that it is safest to make this a remote experience this year. We have prepared lots of videos and online materials that are being released over the next month and these also appear on the transition page of our website. You may find these interesting even if your child is with us already!

An important change for the next school year will be a restructure of the school day. The start and finish times of the day will not change, but during the day we will have four 75 minute lessons rather than the three 100 minute lessons that we do at present. Whilst 100 minute lessons suit in depth learning and practical sessions, they are very long in some subjects where shorter bursts of learning are best. The change in the curriculum will also allow us to introduce Character Education lessons where students will have more time to consider and learn about their own wider personal development and the moral, social, cultural and health topics that help make them into well-rounded young adults.

Finally, I would like to thank our current Junior Leadership Team and Head students; Abbie, Hugo, Aimee and Reuben for their excellent work this year. They have been a fantastic set of role models for all of our students and their contribution has really made a difference at Falmouth School. As their tenure comes to an end I would like to draw all Year 10 students’ attention to the vacancies for next year’s Head and Deputy Head students. We look forward to reading your applications and how you will make a difference here at Falmouth School!


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