Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 26 June 2020

June 26th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you for your feedback in the past week. We have continued to expand the broadcasts to all year groups. For Year 10 in school from next week we have put in place some face to face support for history and geography, as well as other subjects where we have the staffing available. These are in response to suggestions from parents as well as our own wishes to improve the provision wherever we can.

It was a surprise to hear the Education Secretary, Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP, announce that all students would be back in school from September. This would be fantastic and what we would all dearly love to see! I hope you understand that we draw up plans on the available advice at the time and we look forward to reading the advice and guidance that has been promised. At the moment we are sticking to 2 metre social distancing and ‘bubbles’ of at most 15 students, as these are the current recommendations. Our principle, as always, is to keep students and staff safe, which has an implication for families too. We will let you know what arrangements we put in place so your child and you know what to expect when they return to school.

As I mentioned last week in the newsletter, we will move to four shorter lessons of 75 minutes next year. We believe that this will be better for learning overall. We understand that a return to school for children may be exciting, but will also be daunting for some. Over the past months some children and adults have had a stressful time and this may show itself in a variety of ways to us here in school. We have discussed a number of steps that will ensure we listen and acknowledge the concerns of children, provide relevant and sufficient clear information and how staff will respond. For many children the routine of school will be a positive and settling experience.

Our work with The Roseland MAT continues and the transfer of Falmouth School to this new multi academy trust draws closer as each week of preparation goes by. Our school employs well over one hundred people and there are human resource, financial and legal matters to attend to before the transfer can be completed. We expect that Falmouth School will transfer to The Roseland MAT by the start of term in September.

Finally, thank you again for all of the support for students at home with their lessons. If you have specific questions please email the departments on the email addresses in the ‘Contact’ tab on the website, which are also in the ‘Work from home’ section of the ‘Curriculum’ tab.


Best wishes,

Alex George

Interim Headteacher

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