Letters from the Headteacher

Spring Term Update

January 16th 2014

Welcome back to the new school term following the Christmas break. Many thanks to students and parents/carers for your support of the events in school leading up to the break. The Christmas Concert was excellent once again and the support of charity work through November and December by the students was, as it always tends to be at Falmouth, outstanding. Christmas jumper day for Save the Children was a sight to behold!

We have, for the start of this term made, some changes to improve our school further. We have invested in new computers to replace an aging stock and also purchased some tablet devices for students to use in the classroom. We have also purchased an on line homework system for all staff and students to use. The software is called ‘Show My Homework’. Our aim for all staff is to be setting their H/W using this software after February Half Term. Students, parents/carers and staff will be able to see all the H/W set, completion information and additional supporting information to help in H/W completion. During this Half Term we will be writing to all parents/carers to explain the new software and issue passwords to students and parents/carers.

We would also like to give our community more information about our work through the school newsletter. To this end, we are going to produce a newsletter twice a Half Term rather than every week. We will review how this works to ensure that you are getting news and events that are happening in school.

At the moment we are in the middle of mock exams. These are vital to give students an experience of what the exams will be like in the Summer Term and also to give the school useful feedback on how our students are doing presently. Huge amounts of time and effort goes into the final push to support students who are sitting end of Key Stage exams and the mock results inform us about what we should be doing next and for whom. Good luck to all students taking mocks and remember, hard work and preparation are key ingredients to getting the best grades possible.  

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