Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 9 October 2020

October 9th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As Mr George mentioned last week he will be away from school for a few weeks and I will be deputising for him in the interim including keeping you updated with the latest plans and listening to all of you. 

This week saw the start of a new learning cycle and you can find out exactly what your child is learning in every lesson here throughout the next 8 weeks in our Curriculum Programme.  Choose your child’s year group and scroll down to see every lesson and objective.  By all means try some of the on-line lessons yourself by clicking on the lesson titles and try the quizzes!  If your child has to stay at home to learn during this learning cycle then these on-line lessons keep them on track instantly.  Our teachers have worked hard to make sure that whatever this autumn and winter brings the learning will continue.   

Today saw our efforts to raise mental health awareness through a #HelloYellow day. This year we are also promoting #BeKind. #HelloYellow raises funds for Young Minds children’s mental health charity and #BeKind promotes emotional awareness through acts of kindness.  As I write it is sea of yellow outside of my window!

As you will be aware students began the school year wearing their PE kit to school on the days when they have PE lessons.  We have enjoyed some glorious weather throughout September and the start of October, however now we are approaching colder weather the time has come to review this to ensure the welfare of students is always put first.  Now that the weather is starting to change and students could get wet during their PE lessons, we feel the time has come to students to return to students wearing their school uniform everyday,  bringing their PE kit to school with them separately to change into and back out of at the start and end of their PE lessons.   Students will continue to be permitted to wear any item of Falmouth School PE kit for lessons as per the guidance on the school website.   This will come into effect after the half-term break.  All students will need to be wearing full uniform from the 2nd November.    

Thanks for all your feedback on changing the number and timing of GCSE options.  Your considered replies are valuable to us.   Many of you asked for more details before you could comment on such plans.  We are drawing these plans together and we’ll let you know the detailed proposals once we have all of the first part of the consultation drawn together.

We have drawn up plans for allowing access to more specialist rooms whilst maintaining our bubbles.  It is clear from the first few weeks of schools nationally and with the first evidence of how contact tracing works in other schools that we can allow more access to parts of the school for specialist lessons and gradually introduce limited movement around the school for lessons only. If we are to keep all of our school community safe then we need to ensure that face covering are used in corridors and reminding everyone about the 20 second hand wash.  Many students are bringing their own hand sanitisers to school – the corridors are smelling beautiful!  Cleaning will be increased to ensure classrooms are safe.   Students have been extremely adaptable and we are reminding only a few students to wear their face coverings in corridors.  We will be maintaining our separate entrances, lunchtime areas, canteen access, tutor zones and areas for College.  We were particularly concerned about lunch arrangements and break for Year 8 so we are adjusting their break to allow more time for eating and having a break to stretch their legs!  Thanks to all those parents that got it touch with really positive suggestions.

We’ve re-launched our curriculum and vision for Falmouth School: take a look at our video here. Have a good weekend and hopefully we’ll enjoy some autumn sun.


Dr Fox

Interim Deputy Headteacher



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