Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 16 October 2020

October 16th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I imagine many of you have been following the news about changes to restrictions in the North of England and Northern Ireland closely and the use of the term ‘circuit breaker’ in reference to an extended half term break.   We are watching the situation carefully.  Our region has remained free of any further restrictions so there currently is no plan for a two week half term break.   You will be the first to know if this is imposed upon us in Cornwall.  We also had the announcement this week that the exams for all students Y11, Y12 and Y13 are going ahead albeit later and for a shorter period.  This will give us more teaching time to prepare the students.  There has already been some subjects which have had their curriculum reduced.  We will let you know if there are any other curriculum changes.   Needless to say we are working our hardest to make school as normal as possible for students in a changing climate. 

As part of this effort to maintain normality, after the half term break (2nd Nov) we will see students using specialist classrooms again.  This will involve students using the nearest exit to their classroom and using outside to transit to different parts of the school when necessary to minimise busy corridors.  This means we can give the students a full experience of the curriculum.  Year 7, I know, have been desperate to use the Bunsen burners!  We are increasing our cleaning and we need to have everyone with a face covering in corridors and washing their hands to help minimise risk.  Students have fed back to us that with the return of full uniform every day they are less likely to forget their face coverings as they usually pop them in their pocket of their blazer.  We will be maintaining our separate entrances, lunchtime areas, canteen access, tutor zones, staggered exits and zoned off areas for College as young adults are a higher risk group.  The start of school is unchanged; we begin promptly for all students at 8.35 am with all students using separate entrances and going to their tutor rooms which are remaining in zones.  We then lock the external gates at 8.40am for security.   Students arriving after this time will have to come through reception and will gain a late mark.

This week is week two of the learning cycle and you can find out exactly what your child is learning in the next sequence of lessons here.  Choose your child’s year group and scroll down to see every subject, every lesson and learning objective.   Our departments have produced ‘Learning Journeys’ to illustrate the learning for each subject and the potential routes.  The Design and Technology diagram below shows the journey that our Y13s have taken from Year7.  

Best Regards,

Dr Fox

Interim Deputy Headteacher



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