Letters from the Headteacher

Summer Term Update

April 23rd 2014

Welcome back to the start of the Summer Term. Hopefully, by now you have got used to using the 'Show My Homework' software on the school website. We purchased this to help students, parents and staff to keep track of homework whilst, at the same time, improving how we present and support the work that is set. We have also updated our Homework Policy across the school and you should have received a letter from the school outlining the key changes in the policy.

This term we will also be introducing an additional software package called 'Vivo Miles'. This online system helps to promote and celebrate the work and achievements of our students. It allows our teachers to award the 'miles' to students that actually have a real monetary value. Students can build up a bank of miles from their achievements which then gives the opportunity to purchase a range of products from various places. As with the online Homework system, Vivo Miles is extremely interactive and will give students and parents far more detailed and instant information about this aspect of our work in school.

Within the next half term our new website should also go live. We have been working on the new site during the Spring Term and I am sure you find the new website to be more user friendly and visually improved.

It was great over the Easter Break to see so many Year 11 students coming into school to do some additional preparation for their rapidly approaching exams. This year we ran our ‘Easter Revision School’ for the first time and the students who have spoken to me about it were most appreciative of having further opportunities to prepare for the exams. Often, each morning over the holiday, you would see Year 11's coming in at the same time as much younger students enjoying the holiday activities. The very best of luck goes out to all of our senior students who are taking exams over the next couple of months.

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