Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 23 October 2020

October 23rd 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

This half term has seen probably one of the most unusual starts to a school year at any time in history.  I would like to thank all of you for supporting education by sending your children in prepared and ready to learn amidst a lot of uncertainty.  Face coverings are now the new normal everywhere in life and our students and staff have adapted to this inconvenience brilliantly.  We are looking forward to a further step towards normality in school after half term with the return of specialist class rooms and allowing students to move around the school between lessons.  Bubbles will remain before school, tutor times, entrances, break times, canteen access and when students leave the building.  Falmouth College students will remain in a separate area with a separate entrance.   Face coverings, hand washing and good corridor etiquette for staff and students is therefore essential to us remaining COVID safe.  We have consulted with other schools in the Roseland MAT, updated government guidance, the latest information from other schools about the safest plans.  Today, we ran through the new corridor procedures in school with the students and on the first day back we are extending tutor time to ensure that our Year 7s, who haven’t ventured further than the Carrick building for lessons, will know where they are going now we are using specialist rooms in other parts of the school. 

We will also see the return of full uniform everyday from 2nd November.  It is really important to ensure that students are warm as we see colder weather is coming particularly as we will have to keep windows open to ensure good ventilation.  Please ensure that your child wears layers to keep warm and comes to school with a coat.  A hoody is not a suitable substitute for a coat!

We have had many Year 9 students changing their options this half term after trialling new subjects and now we have come to the end of the transition period for changing subjects.  Mr Preece has been working hard to accommodate these late changes and now he is happy that all the changes we have needed to make have been made and everyone is now on the right courses for their GCSE and BTECs.   

All through October we have been focussing on numeracy in all lessons across the school and specifically Mr Barnett has being getting us all to be positive about negative numbers!  Our teachers have been including all these examples in their lessons:  negative temperature, negative film, negative images, negative interest rates (very topical), negative charges etc.   

Students all across the school are reading in school time more than they even have done before, let’s keep the momentum going through half-term break and please discuss your child’s current reading choice at home.    Dr Magro is leading our literacy strategy and she is helping us to love and share our reading;  teachers have all got their current books up and around the school for students to see.

Attached below is a letter from Chris Challis, the CEO of the Roseland MAT, outlining the work that we have been doing together and particularly the changes to the curriculum that Mr George and I have been discussing with you in our newsletters.  The redesigning of the learning journey which he mentions in letter has been underway and we will endeavour to continue to give all Falmouth School and College students the very best experience we can provide. 

Every week I’ll include one of our Learning Journey posters for a subject showing the learning all the way through Falmouth School and Falmouth College.  This week it is PE’s turn.  Mrs Benney has, rather suitably, used a running track for her department’s learning through school!

Have a great half term break, enjoy your hour gained on Sunday by subtracting one hour (negative time, perhaps?) and let’s hope for some great autumnal weather.   


Dr Matt Fox



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