Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 6 November 2020

November 6th 2020

Dear Parents,

The announcement of the measures for the second national lockdown is affecting all of our daily lives once again.  The government have released their guidance for schools which, in brief, is that we shall continue with our in-school measures to minimise the risk of infection with all the normal functions of a school day with some changes to after school provision, face coverings and changing for PE.  There are some updates which were announced just yesterday and this advice is being updated hourly so expect mid-week updates.

In brief:

  1. After school provision clubs and support sessions which are not taught lessons have stopped.
  2. Face coverings are now required for all students in corridors and communal areas including lunch areas when not eating.
  3. Students will resume wearing the correct PE kit to school on the day of their PE lessons.  We sent information about this earlier this week.

The full details for schools can be found here that we have followed.   It is with great regret that we have had to stop our provision after school.  This is a directive from the government – all schools are obliged to stop after school extra-curricular provision if it is not part of essential childcare arrangements.  

Mr Hickman contacted you earlier in the week about the new definition of clinically extremely vulnerable.  Please get in touch with him (mhickman@falmouthschool.net) if you think this will affect your child.

All students have had details of how to stay safe in school once again.  All the measures for bubbles, entrances, separate breaks and lunchtimes, tutor zones all remain.    This week has seen students behaving sensibly and sticking to our simple rules of zoning, movement around the school and the wearing of face coverings.    Please see the full information on how the measures brought in yesterday will affect you and your household:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

Many students are bringing their own hand sanitisers to school – this is great idea as it means that students can smell the way they want to smell and save time and resources in school! 

Attendance at school is still compulsory and only if your child or someone in your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or have a positive test then they should inform the school and stay at home to contain any infection.  We have already had families protecting the school by doing this and stopping the infection spreading.  We will let parents know if students are required to isolate straight away by phone or email, not by letter, and with consultation with Health Protection Team.    We can only share limited information due to GDPR.   

Our full risk assessment has been published on our website to reassure you that we are doing all we can and that our measures are proportionate with other schools.  We are keeping the full curriculum going and bringing normality to your children’s education.

As many of you may know, the government has assured schools and students that GCSE examinations will take place in 2021, albeit three weeks later than they normally would.  Some of you have enquired about what this means regarding mock examinations.  Mock exams have been scheduled for February 2021 for our Year 11, 12 and 13 students.  As always, these exams will be an important indicator of how your child is faring in their examination preparations.  They may also prove valuable should the pandemic situation change insofar as they may be used to determine outcomes, should school closures become more frequent.   We are looking at how to provide on-line after school support for students.  We’ll have more details next week.

We are changing the way we communicate our praise and sanctions to you.  You will receive an email with much more detail about the nature of the praise and sanction (C3 lunchtime detention) to the email address that you have supplied to school – normally this email address.  

Yesterday, we had a remote visit from Ofsted as part of their programme of data gathering on how schools have managed learning and welfare of students and staff during the spring lockdown and since returning in September.  Hundreds of these remote visits have taken place and the results of which are published.  There will be no judgement of the school but I will be publishing the letter which the Ofsted Inspectors will provide in the next few days on our website and directly to you via email.      

This week’s learning journey is Maths so you can find where your child is on their journey, remember you can see the online lessons here for you to try out.

We hope you all are well and coping with this new phase of the pandemic.  We are doing all we can in school to keep a normal routine.   Please follow the guidelines, ensure your child has a face covering and stay safe.


Kind regards,

Dr Matt Fox


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