Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 20 November 2020

November 20th 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope you managed to see all of our Odd Socks from Monday.  It was great see the awareness of the Anti-bullying alliance raised and the hard work that students and staff put into the tutorials and assemblies.    Go to our Facebook page to see the students, staff and, of course, my socks in all their glory! 

Thanks for your continuing support of the new requirements in school due the new period of national restrictions.  The government have made it clear that this period will end on the 2nd December, after which we’ll let you know what changes we need make, if any.  I can say that face coverings will remain regardless;  we have always been a mask wearing school, since A level results day in mid-August,  and we will remain so until the pandemic is over.      Another week goes by with no COVID cases in school and my thanks to those families that have self-isolated to prevent their situation affecting school.   You have probably seen on the news that many schools have had to close to year groups and entirely.  You and your children’s vigilance helps keeps this school running.  If we do have to react to a positive case then you will hear from me directly.     Attendance at school is still compulsory during the national lockdown and only if your child or someone in your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or have a positive test then they should inform the school and stay at home to contain any infection.  

As you may be aware, Wales has opted to cancel their examinations for all of their exam groups.  To date, the English government have assured schools that all examinations will take place next summer, albeit three weeks later than they normally do to give students extra time to revise.    To date, we are going forward with the understanding that all exams will happen this summer.  Should this change, we are prepared.  Teachers have been keeping meticulous records of students’ assessments and are ready to use these to determine a final teacher-assessed grade, if this is needed.   We understand that uncertainty can sometimes cause anxiety but we are ready whatever the decision of the government and Ofqual.    

This week’s learning journey is the whole school’s journey from Primary all the way to beyond Y13 – it marks all the milestones that our students experience along the way.  Some of the events we live in hope that we will able to run in the near future (London trip, skiing, Sports Festival, Awards evenings, concerts, musicals etc) in the mean time we will do our best to provide for these vital parts of school education.

Appointment booking for our first Parents’ Evening for Year 7 on the 26th November are now open.  If you are a parent of a Year 7 student then you should have received an email explaining the process.   If you have not please contact Mrs Holland rholland@falmouthschool.net.    It is the first time we have run this system so we’d love your feedback on how it goes.  I have been on the other side for my two children’s parents’ evenings which were done remotely and it worked well especially the five minute cut-off!   Our appointments are also 5 minutes so please ensure you are on-line at the allotted time.    We’ll be running all Parents’ evenings remotely; here’s a video to talk you through the experience.

By clicking here you will see the final Ofsted letter detailing their findings of their remote visit.  As you can see they verify that we have a full curriculum, remote learning, a vibrant College and we have put in place plans and teaching to address the gaps in learning caused by the spring national lockdown.  Incidentally, we believe we were the first secondary school in Cornwall and the first nationally to be visited remotely.   

Once again, I hope that all those close to are coping with the continued restrictions.   It is hopefully only twelve days until we can venture out again socially and for Christmas shopping and activities in our beloved Falmouth.  I’ve been trying to support our local shops who are still trading in some way now - I hope you can do the same to ensure our town bounces back.


Kind regards,

Dr Matt Fox


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