Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 27 November 2020

November 27th 2020

Dear Parents,

With news of how Christmas is going to be managed, more good news about vaccines being rolled out and Cornwall being one of the few places in Tier 1, I feel that we have good reasons to be positive going into December.    The national restrictions are still due to end next week and it looks like our shops, restaurants, gyms and society can reopen in some limited way.   We have plans to reopen our Sports Hub to the public next week and Emma and team will be ready for action! 

The rules concerning schools remain the same; we haven’t had an update on afterschool clubs or revision sessions yet.  Watch this space.  Sadly, a number of schools across the county have now had to send children, groups and sometimes all students home with increasing regularity.  We, once again, can report that there have been no positive COVID cases in school so far and my thanks again to the families who have prevented transmission by following the guidelines.  Following the “Hands, Face, Space” mantra is the simple deterrent for this virus.   It is tempting to feel and act like this virus has passed us by in Falmouth as for many there has been no direct experience of cases but we know that it is in our community and we must remain vigilant well in to the new year.

We are moving our outside break areas from Monday to move all students off grassy areas and give other year groups chance to stretch their legs on our hard-standing areas. Year 7 and 8 will now have places to play ball games and have a break outside which is so important for so many aspects of the current situation.    All our year group zones, bubbles, corridor mask etiquette, classroom set up, staggered lunches, entrances remain the same to reduce the risk.      

You have probably seen that the national attendance in schools is around 85% which is a shocking figure.  Our overall attendance is around 95% and thanks to all of you for keeping sending students to school every day.     Attendance at school remains compulsory during the national restriction period and only if your child or someone in your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or have a positive test then they should inform the school and stay at home to contain any infection.  

This week’s learning journey is photography and it is feast for the senses!  When you are finally allowed back into our building you will see the full sized versions of the work shown here in miniature.   They are truly stunning works;  worthy of any gallery.  Mrs Bird leads on photography throughout the school and we have students every year taking up places at Falmouth University and beyond to study photography and art after years of her guidance and their hard work.  

We had our first remote Parents’ Evening for Year 7 yesterday and thanks to all you who came on-line to meet our team of teachers.   If you did not book and would like some feedback for your child then please contact Mrs Holland rholland@falmouthschool.net.    It is the first time we have run this system so we’d love your feedback on how it went via our main enquiries@falmouthschool.net email.   We’ll be running the Y12 and Y13 Parents’ evenings remotely too so look for the email triggering the booking; here’s a video to talk you through the experience and here’s the login page.

Happy news!  Mr and Mrs Clark who both work the school as our Data Administrator and Modern Foreign Language teacher respectively have had beautiful baby girl, Sienna, and all is well.   Miss Galvez, who is teaching Mrs Clark’s classes, has been welcomed over the last few weeks warmly and she already feels part of the Falmouth School team.  

Looking ahead we are aiming for the usual 12.30pm finish on Friday 18th December.   We have some other Christmas related activities coming on-line and in school so keep watching this newsletter, website and social media for the pictures!

I’ve received wonderful support from many of you supporting our work.   My heartfelt thanks for getting in touch.   We all need to look out for each other this winter and even small, kind words go a long way.  Keep safe everyone.


Kind regards,

Dr Matt Fox



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