Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 12 March 2021

March 12th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been great to see students back in school this week. We have had very high attendance rates with over 90% giving consent to Covid testing. I am pleased to be able to let you know that in the first round of tests we have had no positive tests at all. We have now started on the next round of tests for students. Once three tests are completed students will be able to self-test at home, as the government has intended. When home testing begins we ask that you inform us of any positive test results so that we can identify any close contacts here in school. We will be issuing the self-test kits to students towards the end of next week.

Every day this week I have spent time in the sports hall where testing is taking place, I have visited every classroom and spent time outside at lunch and break times.  The overwhelming majority of students are clearly happy to be back in school and many even tell me so! Classes have been calm and productive with good behaviour. Of course, this is how we want it to continue. Students in exam classes really need to work hard because the work they are doing now will count towards their final grades. We will be using a mix of teacher assessment and tests as the government has suggested to decide the centre assessed grades for the end of the academic year.

School uniform is an important part of putting students in the correct mindset for school. We are continuing to allow students to wear PE kit to school on days that they have a PE lesson, but classroom uniform should now be as close as possible to the expectations shown on the website. We appreciate that there may be some specific issues – please see the COVID-19 uniform appendix by clicking here. Many students have perfect uniform and we would like to thank you for helping that to happen.

Clubs and activities in year group bubbles will soon restart and this is a fantastic sign that school is returning to normal. Please encourage your child to participate, all are welcome. During lockdown children have missed the social aspects of being with others and any group activity will help to rebuild confidence and social skills that may be a little rusty. Where clubs involve changing for sport we will be using the changing rooms for the clubs each day and so students should not attend in PE kit unless they have a PE lesson that day in their school timetable.

I hope that you have also found the change to school opening has gone well. After having your children at home for such a long time it will be very different for parents too.

Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher


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