Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 14 May 2021

May 14th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

The eased restrictions from 17 May on the Government’s Covid roadmap will mean there will be some changes in school. There has been a lot of coverage of the changes to the rules about face masks. At Falmouth School from Monday 17 May face masks will be optional for students and staff in the building. This will mean that where people are anxious about catching the virus they will have the choice to continue with this preventative measure. In line with the advice, students and staff will be able to choose to stop wearing masks anywhere within the school buildings. This is a significant change from the way in which these steps were put in place back in March.

We will also bring an end to the staggered finish times at school. From Monday 17 May all lessons for students in Years 7 to 11 will finish at 3pm. Changes to the rules have been allied to low levels of infection, the vaccination programme and low vulnerability of school age children to complications of this illness. We will therefore reinstate year group assemblies which really help to establish a community atmosphere once again.

We will continue with measures that keep year group bubbles separate. Times for lunch and the separate social areas at break times will remain. We will also still allow students to wear PE kit on days they have PE although we intend to remove this option after the half term holidays.

As we return to more usual school we are picking up some bad habits that have crept in. School uniform needs to be correct and we expect all children to wear their ties and blazers in the building. We do not allow facial piercings at all. It is clear that when face masks are removed some students will be noticed as having these! School staff will ask students to remove this jewellery and also will challenge incorrect uniform. Please help us by ensuring your child follows the uniform expectations as set out on the school website.

It is great that the levels of Covid infection have fallen to the lower level that they are at present. A return to more normal school is a relief for us all and the changes of 17th May are a key milestone in this.

Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher


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