Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 21 May 2021

May 21st 2021

 Dear Parents and Carers

I have spent this week talking to year groups in assembly. It is amazing to think that even though the year group are in the same bubble, we have not had year group assemblies for over a year! The focus this week has been on explaining how face coverings are optional for students and also spending time talking about peer on peer abuse – the theme for our Character Education work at the moment. We are also explaining to students the British Values of tolerance and respect, of others, their views, opinions and choices. Our change back to a finish time at 3pm for all year groups has gone smoothly. All of our students need to be congratulated on the mature and sensible way that they have dealt with the changes throughout this year.

Year 11 students are coming to the end of their in-class assessments and they must keep attending all lessons until May 28th. If they have not completed all of the work that is needed for their courses they will also need to attend those lessons after the half term holiday. We will also be offering opportunities for Year 11 to access taster sessions for their Year 12 courses in our post-16 College after the holiday.

When students leave Year 11 they will no longer need school uniform. Please could I ask that any unwanted and serviceable uniform is donated to our Welfare department? We are always grateful for this.

As we return to normal we are focussing on attendance, lateness and uniform. Students are clearly enjoying their time back in school and our overall attendance is higher than it has been in the past ten years! Sometimes they are enjoying a chat with friends and this makes them late – this year they have missed lots of school and every minute counts!

I would also like to remind you that we will be begin to use the changing rooms again after the half term holiday and so all students should be attending school in full school uniform as listed on our school website from 7 June onward.

Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher

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