Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 11 June 2021

June 11th 2021

 Dear Parents and Carers

This week our assemblies for each year have been led by a group of students. They have all done a fantastic job of this, I am sure you can imagine how daunting it must be to stand up in front of nearly 200 people and speak on a topic! These students are some of our Anti-bullying ambassadors and they have been talking to students about the key messages that we would like students to remember. The team, led by Miss Roberts, have been working to promote the anti-bullying message as this has been our theme for this week.

We have used ‘STOP’ to help describe bullying – as Several Times On Purpose is a clear way of explaining how bullying can hurt people emotionally or physically. We want to make sure children feel that they can ‘Be an Upstander’. That means that when they see something that they know is wrong they act to make a difference, whether that be themselves or by telling a member of staff or an anti-bullying ambassador. We all want school to be a place where we are kind to each other and the team are putting together a mural to promote this.

Whilst we hear of the increasing number of cases of the Covid – delta variant, please can I remind you that students should be doing their twice weekly covid tests. These really help us to keep everyone in the community safe. We have tried to run our usual transition events for Year 6 students but we have to keep students from different primary schools separate until they finish at their school. This means that this year during term time we can only invite Year 6 students into school for one day and with one school at a time. Even this may change if the restrictions are not lifted. However we will be running a Summer School which will focus on transition experiences for Year 6 in the summer holidays. Parents of Year 6 students enrolled to attend Falmouth School will have heard about this event and need to sign up to show their interest.

As we move into the summer many of our community will be spending more time on the beaches. Some of our students are helping create a community video to remind people how to behave safely and with consideration for others when at the beach. This is in collaboration with a number of other groups and we are looking forward to seeing their video when it is finished. If your child does go to the beach with friends, please remind them to leave only their footsteps behind!

Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher

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