Letters from the Headteacher

Update - 2 July 2021

July 2nd 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

It was fantastic to be able to run Sports Day this week. The weather was fine and it was great to see students and staff involved in the vast array of sports and active pastimes on offer. A big thank you goes to Mrs Benney for her superb organisation all the staff for their commitment in making the day such a success. Students score points for their Houses and all of the points are still to be added up to decide on which House is the overall winner. I personally found the sack race much more tiring than I expected and I am sure that my efforts in ‘Just Dance’ raised a few eyebrows! The event took place in year group bubbles and as is was outside, the Covid risks were much reduced compared to a usual school day. Our PE team provided a virtual experience for the students that couldn’t get involved in school; their points from home will still count!

You will probably have heard in the media that there are concerns over the number of students missing school as they have to self-isolate. We try to keep this number to a minimum, but inevitably with cases rising in our area, so does the number of students self-isolating. At the moment there are 24 students who have tested positive across years 7, 8, 10 and 12. When we are made aware of a positive test result we speak with families to identify the social contacts of a child at the weekends or after school and look at seating plans for every lesson, which we have collated. The current positive cases have resulted in almost 200 students self-isolating and working at home. I have again been in touch with Public Health England, Cornwall Council and SW Health Protection Team to see if there is any way we can avoid this, but we are directed to follow the guidance carefully, which of course we do. They are satisfied that we are doing everything we can in school to minimise these ‘close contacts’. 

You will have heard of schools closing entire year group bubbles. We will try to avoid this wherever possible due to the effects on children and their families. Children need to be in school for many reasons; socialisation, routine and safety as well as learning. Families who have just sent children back to school after a period of self-isolation do not wish to have them sent home again, and we need to consider the effect on families where our younger children need to be supported by an adult who has to miss work.

However, we need to have sufficient staff here to run the school effectively and safely. This week we have had 15 staff absent for reasons related to Covid. Almost all of these are not ill, but have to isolate for one reason or another.  We cannot continue with this level of staff absence and I have to consider the possibility of closing year group bubbles if staffing levels fall too low. This is not the case at the moment and I hope it does not come to that, but we will not have much notice when this happens. Please watch out for communications from school with this in mind.

I hope that you and your families are managing to stay well. Please make sure your child continues to do their Covid self-tests and remind them of the measures to stay safe at the weekends too – Hands-Face-Space!

Best wishes

Alex George

Interim Headteacher


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