26.11.2021 Letter to Parents

November 26th 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope that you and your families are all well and that you have all had a productive week.

Learning Cycle 2

The Assemblies this week have focussed on how we can all encourage our students to build on their learning. As you will know, there are four Learning Cycles in each academic year, each lasting a total of nine weeks, seven of which are teaching weeks, the eighth week is an assessment week with week nine being the mastery week. 

Mr Christophers has uploaded all of the Knowledge Organisers onto the website and they can be found by following this link http://www.falmouth.cornwall.sch.uk/265/knowledgeorganisers

Year 11

Our Year 11 students are about to be making some important decisions about their futures. To assist in this decision making, we have a fantastic opportunity for them to try out courses of their choice at Falmouth College, the post-16 provider at Falmouth School.  Next Thursday 2 December all students will attend these taster sessions during Periods 1 and 2.  There will be 30 different subject sessions running in total, catering for all potential career paths; A levels, Level 2 and 3 BTECs and full-time vocational courses.   Some will be familiar and some will be brand new.

Tutors, subject teachers and college staff will be on hand to provide further information about courses, student support and the vast array of opportunities available. College students will also be available to share their experiences in the decision-making process. In order to make informed choices about future career paths, please visit the website www.careerpilot.org.uk our website and in particular the prospectus here.  

Year 7 Virtual Parents Evening

Thank you to those of you with children in Year 7 for attending the Virtual Parents Evening yesterday. I hope that you were able to have a good discussion with your child’s teachers and as always, we are keen to gain your views. Dr Fox has released a questionnaire which we would appreciate you completing. It should take no more than a few minutes. This feedback is important to us and we value your views and feedback.

Year 12 & 13 Virtual Parents Evening

The bookings for this evening have already been released. We look forward to seeing you ‘virtually’ on Thursday 2 December.

The Sixth Form students have made an excellent start to this term. Year 13 students have been busy completing their UCAS applications. We are proud of our post-16 offer and are delighted to announce that five Year 13 students have Oxford, Cambridge or medicine interviews over the coming two weeks.  Good luck to them and to all those applying to University, work or an apprentiship. 

You may be aware that since the start of September, I have had the great pleasure of meeting six Post 16 students for breakfast every Wednesday. It has been a wonderful way for me to start my day and they have proved themselves to be great role models to the younger years.


The COVID-19 vaccinations have now taken place on site for all relevant year groups. All that now remains is for the nasal flu vaccination which is scheduled for all years on Friday 10 December 2021. On this day, there will also be an opportunity for students who have parental permission to have the COVID-19 vaccination if they missed this on the previous two occasions. My thanks, once again to the Kernow Immunisation Team who have delivered these vaccinations.

Leisure Centre

I am a strong advocate for leisure facilities that are accessible and affordable for all to enjoy. This Sunday, you are invited to an event at Ships and Castles at 1pm if you would like to show your support for the continuation of leisure facilities in the town.

Mobile Phones

We have had a number of discussions in school about the use of mobile phones and we would very much welcome your view on their use. Mr Wallis has a survey which he will be sending out to parents and carers-please do make sure that you have your say.

Building Work On Site

You may be aware that we are having a complete overhaul of fire precaution works on site at the moment. Students and their teachers have had to move classrooms whilst the works are completed and I would like to thank them for both their perseverance and patience during this process.

Preparations for Christmas

As December is fast approaching, I would like to let you know about some of the preparations that we will be making to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas Dinner

This will be served on Wednesday 15 December with both meat and vegetarian options. Please note that the canteen will not be offering any other meals on this day.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Mr Fox will be treating us all to the Falmouth Twelve Days of Christmas which you can also follow on Facebook. More details to follow.

‘Christmas Jumper’ Day – for ‘Save The Children’ charity

This will take place on the last day of term. As usual we will have a ‘Make your jumper festive’ Day and it would be wonderful to see jumpers being upcycled, or festive decorations added for the day, rather than new ones being purchased. If you would like to donate to this charity the link is at https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/christmas-jumper-day

The End of Term

We break up for Christmas at 12.30pm on Thursday 16 December with students returning on Wednesday 5 January 2022. Please note that Tuesday 4 January 2022 is a Staff INSET day.

Thank you, as always for your support and have a lovely weekend. 

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