10.02.2023 - Letter from the Headteacher

February 10th 2023

10th February 2023 
To Parents/Carers of
Students attending Falmouth School
Dear Parents and Carers
We have now concluded the first half term together and I would like to briefly get in touch with you all and update you.
Firstly, I would like to really extend my gratitude to you all for welcoming me here at Falmouth School. I feel very settled here and I know when I say ‘Falmouth School is my home now’ I truly mean it. It gives me a great sense of excitement to work with all our students and staff when pursuing our school on its journey to becoming an extraordinary place of learning and working and we have only just commenced.
Our students received their Trial Exams results and I spoke to many of them about their feelings, next steps and ways of how we would support them. And we will keep you updated about that through our future communications.
The work experience forms are flooding in as are the Year 9 Option forms. The half-term break enables all students not only to have a well-earned rest, but also to conclude any conversations related to the potential work experience placements and option choices so that the forms can be handed in within the timelines shared. This is really important for us, in school, so that we can continue planning to reach the best possible outcomes for our students: all placements finalised well in advance with all the correct documentation in place and also the timetable planning to commence as soon as possible so that the option choices can be confirmed due course.
Year 11 students have been undertaking their Careers appointments and also they visited their in-house Careers Fair as part for the Falmouth Futures provision. We are very grateful for all the external providers who joined us and we look forward to expanding this venture further and building further partnerships with other local and regional organisations. Year 11 students are really important to us and their success truly matters. We want you to feel supported as families and our messaging for the parents of Year 11 students will increase the next half-term.
To see the school production of Romeo and Juliet this week has been an experience which I very much relished with all the students, staff and families. I thank all the people involved who assisted with making this plan a reality. What a great reality too! Shakespeare absolutely has the place in our education and I was humbled by the students' eloquence to showcase the language, emotion and the whole performance with such high skill and competence.
Whilst we wish everyone a very happy, relaxing break at half-term, we are also planning ahead for our next half-term. As you are aware we champion our highest standards for all our students and we will continue our positive messaging to students beyond the assemblies carried out this half-term.
The key things you need to know and where I need your active support are, as emphasized in my previous letters. Students need to have their phones in their school bags. Their mobile phones must be switched off. If a mobile phone is seen, it will be confiscated by the staff and safely kept in reception until the end of the school day. We encounter direct links between the behavioral incidents and the use of mobile phones. We want a disruption free learning environment for all students and you wish to have the same for your child. Therefore, it is really essential that you understand our intent and support us positively with this. I have seen great improvement in students’ school uniform and this is now working better and I would like to thank you for your active involvement. We will continue refining this.
As you are aware, the Ofsted inspection took place this week at Falmouth School. I would like wholeheartedly to say thank you to all the parents and carers who filled in the questionnaire as it will support us on our improvement journey and it will enable us to continue working together as ‘Falmouth Family’.
To all our students I wish a restful half-term. Please, note that 20th February is an INSET Day. Students commence their school on Tuesday 21st February 2023.
Your sincerely
Lenka Chanter

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