End of term update

April 10th 2015

I am delighted to inform you that the recently published information about the school in the national performance league tables, shows how exceptionally well our students are currently performing. On almost every measure the students have performed better than the national average and, on several measures, significantly better than the national average.  Throughout the school, we see students with excellent attitudes towards their studies flourishing under the support and guidance of our staff.

However, it is not just about results.  They are important, but ensuring our students are happy, safe and attend well is also a key aspect of our work.  Through discussions with the students we are regularly informed that our students are very proud to be members of the school and they are passionate about this.   None of this can be achieved without your support.  Without a strong and effective partnership between school and home, we would not be able to be as successful as we currently are.

We are constantly looking at what we do and how we can make it better for the students.  This term we have extended the school day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to enable students to access their teachers more for support.  When we return after the Easter break we will be publishing our Summer Term Activities booklet which will give you the details of a much improved range of activities available to students at the school to further enrich the school day.

Over the past few months we have also been working in depth on the visual image of Falmouth School.  The history and tradition of Falmouth is often seen through the double headed eagle crest. We have therefore worked with a design team to produce a school crest that more traditionally represents Falmouth, which we will start to use next term.  The current school crest will therefore be phased out over the next 12 months.

This school crest change will also come with some uniform updates for September to the blazer, tie and jumper.  The blazer will remain black but will have the new logo on it.  The tie colour for all Year 7-11 students will be light blue and black and the optional ‘v neck’ jumper will be black.  If you have plans to replace your child’s uniform this summer, we would ask you to please purchase the new uniform.  The current uniform will remain in place next year, alongside the new one, if you are not intending to buy the new items.

Please also don’t forget that the Chair of Governors and myself will be available together on the first Monday of each month through the Summer Term to any of you that would like to come in and discuss any issues or questions you may have about how the school is operating.  The details of these sessions are on the website (www.falmouthschool.net) under the ‘Governance’ tab.

I hope you are able to enjoy the Easter Holidays.  Lots of revision classes are available to exam classes over the break as we move towards another year of summer exams.  The School Reception is open in the mornings through Easter and we start again on Monday 13th April.

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