17.05.2023 - Letter from the Headteacher to Year 11

May 17th 2023

Parents and carers of Year 11


Dear parents and carers,

I would like to thank you for all your support during this exam season. As you are fully aware, our Year 11 students have commenced their week one of exams and I am pleased to say that they are settling into the rhythm of it very positively.

I sent you information regarding the exam season and the preparation in April. Our academic tutor programme worked really well over the last three weeks and students commented on how well they utilised their time on rehearsing additional skills & knowledge for the core subjects in their bespoke tutor groups. 

All students are now in their original tutor groups for the exam period so that the tutors can provide stability at the start of the day and continue looking after the students, based on their long-term relationships. Students have already received their exam timetables when these were shared in our Family Learning event so please ask to see them and check the details with your child. It is their responsibility to know exactly when each of their exams takes place. Their tutors also have this information to support any enquiries. Attendance at school every day until the final exam is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcomes. 

The last compulsory day of school for Year 11 this year will be Wednesday 14 June. Following this, students should only attend revision lessons in subjects where they have not completed all of their exams. They will be required to sign in and out of school at our main reception and they will be given times for these lessons.

Please note that exams continue beyond that day and we expect all students to undertake all their exams and attend as many revision sessions as possible. Absence from an exam, for any reason, is extremely serious and there are very few situations where this would not result in zero marks awarded by the exam board. If your child is too unwell to sit an exam, the exam board will require medical documentation and there is a formal process to be followed in order to apply for special consideration. Please contact the school at the earliest opportunity should this be the case.

We expect all students to be in full and correct school uniform for each exam as well as following the public examination rules and regulations. Failure to follow these rules may result in them being refused entry into the exam. Mr Mitchell/Mrs Miller shared with you the exam expectations in their past communications. 

One of the key messages that students have received is that preparation for each exam is vital. From having a good breakfast, filling up water bottles, using the toilet beforehand, to ensuring that they have the correct equipment and leaving enough time to get to the exam on time.

On Tuesday the Biology exam marked the start of the main exam season and the students will know by the end of the week all the routines really well: morning registration, seating in the exam rooms and any additional arrangements where relevant; they will get to know the key adults invigilating and the students will adjust to show the stamina required to showcase their knowledge and skills. 

As outlined in the April letter, students’ timetables are being adjusted to with a final revision session with their teachers in the hours/days before an exam where possible. This week already this has been put into place as the students benefited with additional English lessons and the timetables will continue being altered based on exams. On most mornings there will be early study sessions and students will be told about these by their teachers. Also, exam revision, accessible to all the students, is frequently scheduled after school. 

In the morning, from 8am-8.30 students can access breakfast of fruit and/or cereal bar to help them maintain those important energy levels. There are only a few times this year, when students will need an early lunch before afternoon exams. Occasionally these exams will finish after 3pm. We will keep students informed about this.  

As we head towards these important few weeks, we expect, as we always have, the highest levels of mutual respect and cooperation from the students. This includes completion of all examinations and working to the best of their ability at all times. The Leavers Prom will be a celebration of this effort and it is worth clarifying that this invitation will be withdrawn for any student who deliberately undermines this.

Some students are realising that these weeks do signify a gradual conclusion of their time with us, at Falmouth School, and with their peers. It is all the more important to positively relish these valuable times together and conclude that journey with pride and championing their skills through the exam season with resilience, effort and determination to succeed. All our teachers and Welfare Team are actively supporting our students on this journey through the summer term. We appreciate all your kind support and working with us, together, to enable your son/daughter to be as successful as possible. We will continue messaging updates through the established means. 

Kind regards,




Lenka Chanter



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