End of term message

July 19th 2016

Another school year ends this week at Falmouth. The 2015-16 school year has proven to be an excellent one for the school for many reasons.  Last year our students in Year 11 and in Falmouth College (Year 12 & 13) achieved record exam results and this year our students have worked really hard to give themselves the best opportunities to again achieve excellent results.  We await the results next month with anticipation.

In recent weeks we held our School Prom for Year 11, which was an absolute pleasure to be at and this was followed by a World of Sports Day that had almost every student (and quite a few staff) competing and representing their House team with passion and commitment.  In the last two weeks we have held a number of events in the evening to celebrate the great work our students have produced through the year, all of which the students thoroughly enjoyed.  These events and the many others that have taken place across the year, really showcase our students, our staff and our school and are part of the reason why we are all so proud of our school.

This term we were also delighted to be granted planning permission for the new school and community sport facilities.  We have been working hard for the last two years to purchase the old Budock Hospital site, release the Union Corner fields and develop new grass sports pitches, a new full size floodlit 3g pitch facility and a new Sports Pavilion to service the new pitches.  Whilst this project has not moved at the pace of development the school has pushed for, three public bodies (Falmouth School, Cornwall Council and the NHS) are coming to end of their partnership work to allow this fantastic facility to start to be built.  We thank the hundreds of local people who have supported this development throughout the planning stage and look forward to many more in our community being able to benefit from the community use in the future.  The next 12-18 months will be an exciting time to watch the build develop.

The school will reopen to students on Tuesday 6 September at 8:35am when we will welcome back both old and new students to our school community.  The School Reception will be open through the holiday between 8:30-11am each morning but please note that school staff may not be able to return any calls until they return to work on Monday 5 September.

The exam result days are Thursday 18 August for College Students (results available from 8:30 - 11am in the Library) and Thursday 25 August for Year 11 students (results available from 9:00 – 11am in the Library).

I wish all of  our families an enjoyable summer break and we thank you for your support throughout the year. As I write this note the weather is stunning so, fingers crossed, let us all hope this continues.


Brett Miners


Falmouth School


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